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Volume XI, No.1 ♦ 9/2005

  • Equity Symposium  to Present Research

    Equity Symposium to Present Research

    Just about everyone preaches the value of staying in school. But what, exactly, is that value? On October 24 and 25, at the first annual Teachers College Symposium on Educational Equity, a group of 12 leading economists and other social scientists will present some eye-opening answers. For example, one study conservatively estimates that for just one person, the lifetime earnings loss associated with dropping out of high school is $260,000. A high school dropout will contribute just under $100,000 less in lifetime income taxes than someone who has earned a high school diploma. For the current crop of 18-year-olds who will never earn a high school degree, that computes to over $150 billion in aggregate lifetime earnings loss, and roughly $60 billion in lost income tax revenues for society.
    Published: 9/14/2005

  • A Catalyst for Change

    A Catalyst for Change

    Inside talks with the newest Trustee to join the Teachers College Board of Directors, Eduardo J. Mart­, President of Queensborough Community College. INSIDE: Why did you be come a Teachers College Trustee? MART: As an educator with 39 years of experience in community colleges, I am honored to be part of a group of individuals who can help Teachers College. As a trustee, I contribute to the College by offering my expertise to the collective thinking of the Board about actions recommended by the College's administration. As trustees, we have academic and fiduciary responsibilities. Because we serve as the representatives of the many constituencies touched by the College, we also must understand the needs of the faculty and students and assist the administration in fulfilling them.
    Published: 9/7/2005

  • Batter Up

    Batter Up

    The annual VPFA Staff Appreciation Barbecue, sponsored by the office of the Vice President of Finance and Administration.
    Published: 9/7/2005

  • Catchy Tune

    Catchy Tune

    Summer 2005 Music Improvisation Institute at Teachers College
    Published: 9/7/2005

  • Fact-Finding


    A delegation of 11 Chinese scholars met with representatives from several TC programs on August 16 including TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), the TESOL Certificate Program, Career Services and International Services.
    Published: 9/7/2005

  • Faculty Notes

    John Allegrante (Health and Behavior Studies), Anna Neumann (Higher and Postsecondary Education), Dolores Perin (Health and Behavior Studies), Steve Silverman (Biobehavioral Studies),Veronica Holly, a Senior Program Associate at the Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME).
    Published: 9/7/2005

  • Fun in the Sun

    Fun in the Sun

    First annual Family and Youth Day on July 20 in Russell Courtyard.
    Published: 9/7/2005

  • In the Reading Zone

    In the Reading Zone

    As a graduate school with a student body larger than many undergraduate colleges, Teachers College has an incredible breadth of research and study, to say nothing of individual projects. While in most ways this works toward the college's favor, it can make it hard for those outside the college to get a feel for what TC can do as a whole. The TC Education Zone Partnership, or TCEdZone for short, a key component of TC's newly launched Campaign for Education Equity, seeks to overcome that by dealing with surrounding schools in a holistic way. For example, see TCEdZone project TC Reading Buddies program, which sends TC students from all departments to tutor elementary school students in four nearby public schools. After one semester it's already showing results, both in terms of students' grades and opening the lines of communication for future collaborations with these schools.
    Published: 9/7/2005

  • New Faces

    New Faces

    New faculty and staff discuss their unique perspectives and experiences.
    Published: 9/7/2005

  • New On Staff

    New On Staff

    Ann Armstrong, Executive Director of Summer School and Lifelong Learning. Henry Perkowski, Associate Vice President and Controller.
    Published: 9/7/2005

  • Student Profile - Getting Involved

    Student Profile - Getting Involved

    Tara Waller came to Teachers College looking to make the most out of her experience, and in her position as the new Student Senate president, she was hoping to help the rest of her fellow students do the same.
    Published: 9/7/2005

  • The Cahn Fellows

    The Cahn Fellows

    On July 28, New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein met with members of the Cahn Fellows program.
    Published: 9/7/2005