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Volume III, No. 12 ♦ 7/1998

  • Superintendents Discuss Need for and Resistance to Change

    The 57th Annual Superintendents Work Conference at TC was an opportunity for more than 50 of them to reflect on how they meet that challenge. The conference attracted participants from across the United States as well as the Superintendent of the American School of Warsaw in Poland.
    Published: 9/1/1998

  • Deborah Lawrence 'Unpacks Her Happiness' with the Miriam Goldberg Research Prize

    A Teachers College doctoral graduate, Deborah Lawrence, who investigated Generic Concepts: Words as Transparent Instances of Categories, has won the 1998 Miriam Levin Goldberg Research Prize. Lawrence’s dissertation also received the accolade of ‘with distinction,’ for its unique contribution to research.
    Published: 7/1/1998

  • Science + Camp = A Fun Way to Learn

    At its start, the Hollingworth Center camp, which was established in 1987 by TC Associate Professor James Borland and educational consultant Heidi Jacobs, had an interdisciplinary focus. While the activities are still interdisciplinary, for the past seven years the core of the program has been science. "Children are natural scientists," Wright explains. "They ask a lot of questions about how and why things work. Often in early childhood programs, science is not treated as fully as reading, writing and math are."
    Published: 7/1/1998

  • TC Trustees: Under New Management

    Enid Wien Morse and Antonia Munroe Grumbach have been elected to Co-Chair the Teachers College Trustees. Morse joined the Trustees in 1988, and Grumbach, who has served as Vice-Chair from 1991 to 1996, joined in 1986.
    Published: 7/1/1998

  • What Works and What Doesn’t in N.J. Charter Schools

    Researchers from Teachers College released a report on the first generation of charter schools in New Jersey at a press conference on June 9 at Thomas Edison State College.
    Published: 7/1/1998