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Volume XII, No.2 ♦ 10/2006

  • An Inquiring Mind

    An Inquiring Mind

    "If you ask me, the first thing I would like to do in my spare time is go to the playground with my two-year-old daughter," says Sam Shreyar, Assistant Professor of Education in Early Childhood Education.
    Published: 10/27/2006

  • Coming of Age in Japan

    Coming of Age in Japan

    On September 20, Teachers College's Japan Campus received the official designation of "Foreign Graduate School, Japan Campus" from Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).
    Published: 10/27/2006


    Morton Deutsch, Professor Emeritus, and Stephen Silverman, Professor of Education
    Published: 10/27/2006



    The art in question On October 5, Macy Gallery held a closing reception for 'Questioning Sculpture,' curated by faculty member Maurizio Pellegrin.
    Published: 10/27/2006


    FREE YOUR MIND - That's No Bull

    Ronald Gross moderates the talk entitled "Bullshit: Part II" on September 26. The talk is part of a year-long series of 'Socratic Conversations' hosted by the Gottesman Libraries every second Tuesday of the month through April 2007.
    Published: 10/27/2006

  • In With the New

    In With the New

    She's been on the job since August, and talking to faculty and students since her appointment was announced in May, but Susan Fuhrman will be formally inaugurated as TC's tenth president on January 30 and 31, 2007.
    Published: 10/27/2006

  • News To Go

    News To Go

    Teachers College community members seem to be perpetually busy, bustling from events to classes to meetings, so this year the Career Services Office is taking advantage of the one place they're sure to slow down-'"the restrooms.
    Published: 10/27/2006

  • Orienting to History

    Orienting to History

    Some schools orient new students through games, parties and tours. TC does all that, but it also orients students to its mission. This year, both at one of the many New Student Orientation events and at an event on Constitution Day, students were asked to think about educational equity and the legacy of Brown v. Board of Education.
    Published: 10/27/2006

  • Reflections on 9/11

    Reflections on 9/11

    Isaac Brooks reads from his story at the Book Talk event for Forever After: New York City Teachers on 9/11.
    Published: 10/27/2006

  • Should NCLB be Changed?

    With reauthorization of the federal government's largest education program just around the corner, teachers, parents, scholars and policymakers are all asking the same questions. Now in its fourth year, is the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) making a difference in schools across the country? Is NCLB narrowing achievement gaps?
    Published: 10/27/2006

  • The Night Shift

    The Night Shift

    As a security professional, Mark Gadsden takes his job seriously-'"and always has. In fact, you could say that he's written the book on it, Memoirs of a Bouncer: The Real Men in Black (Authorhouse, 2006).
    Published: 10/27/2006

  • Thinking globally

    Thinking globally

    Even as Teachers College focuses on addressing the problems of inner-city schools and partnering with the school system here in New York, we must continue to think of ourselves as an international institution, constantly engaged in an exchange of ideas with the rest of the world.
    Published: 10/27/2006

  • Turn the Other Cheek

    Turn the Other Cheek

    In 2002, Robi Damelin's son was killed by a Palestinian sniper. After four months of anguish and sleepless nights, she wrote a letter to the sniper's family: "I am the mother of David, who was killed by your son. I know he did not kill David because he was David, if he had known him he could never have done such a thing."
    Published: 10/27/2006

  • Why Are There Wars Without End?

    Why Are There Wars Without End?

    Even as events took place in September recognizing this year's International Day of Peace, most people would concede that some conflicts seem impossible to resolve. Indeed, of the 20 major armed conflicts waged around the globe during 2005, nearly half had been in progress for 10 years or more, and a quarter were more than 25 years old.
    Published: 10/27/2006

  • Picking Up The Pace

    Picking Up The Pace

    If, as is sometimes said, Teachers College students march to a different beat, then this year's President of the Student Senate, Albert Cousins, just may be their drummer.