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Volume XII, No.5 ♦ 2/2007

  • "Living Up to the Legacy of Teachers College"

    "Living Up to the Legacy of Teachers College"

    I am overjoyed beyond words to return to Teachers College. I defended my dissertation exactly 30 years ago this month. I still have to pinch myself to believe that I've made that journey.
    Published: 2/26/2007

  • All His World's a Stage

    Many people take a break between college and grad school. Busayo Odunlami took six hours, graduating at noon from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and arriving for his class at Teachers College at 6 p.m. that evening.
    Published: 2/26/2007

  • Doing Good Research that Makes an Impact

    Doing Good Research that Makes an Impact

    "Education is acknowledged as the economic policy issue worldwide-'"and education schools should be in the forefront of the debate," said TC President Susan Fuhrman at the opening of the academic forum that kicked off the two days of inauguration festivities at the end of January. "It is essential that we take the lead in framing critical issues of the day."
    Published: 2/26/2007

  • Learning What We Know About Equity

    Learning What We Know About Equity

    From its inception, The Campaign for Educational Equity was intended as a vehicle that would bring together the diverse expertise at Teachers College and focus it on the wide range of issues that bear on the nation's education achievement gap.
    Published: 2/26/2007

  • Teachers College has lost three important figures from its past in recent months.

    Paul Vahanian, alumnus and Professor of Psychology; Professor Emeritus Craig Timberlake, a professional actor, singer and author; Barbara Auchincloss Thacher, alumna and former Trustee of the College.
    Published: 2/26/2007

  • Honoring an Arts Educator

    Honoring an Arts Educator

    Judith Burton, Director of the Art and Art Education Program, was honored in December by the University Council for Art Education (UCAE) for her "Significant Contribution to UCAE and Higher Arts Education Leadership." She was also honored by the New York State Art Education Association and by the New York Public Schools for her leadership in promoting art education in the state and city schools.
    Published: 2/22/2007

  • Inaugurating President Fuhrman: TC Lives Its Legacy

    Inaugurating President Fuhrman: TC Lives Its Legacy

    "We welcome this daughter of New York. We welcome her home to the city she loves and to the College where her dreams were made and professional career began." With those words, Donna Shalala-'"President of the University of Miami and former Teachers College faculty member-'"greeted her former student and advisee, now officially the College's 10th president and first woman to hold the job.
    Published: 2/22/2007

  • Lessons from "The Levees"

    Lessons from "The Levees"

    With a grant of $975,000 provided by the Rockefeller Foundation, TC Professor Margaret Crocco and a team of the College's faculty, students, graduates and staff are designing a curriculum that explores questions that focus on issues of citizenship and social responsibility in light of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.
    Published: 2/22/2007

  • More HS Grads = Big Taxpayer Savings

    More HS Grads = Big Taxpayer Savings

    The U.S. taxpayer could reap $45 billion annually if the number of high school dropouts were cut in half, according to a new study led by Henry M. Levin, the College's William Heard Kilpatrick Professor Economics and Education.
    Published: 2/22/2007

  • What We Can Achieve Together

    What We Can Achieve Together

    Among the many wonderful moments from the two days of inauguration ceremonies at the end of January, I will particularly treasure the experience of standing in Riverside Church and looking out at the combined might of Teachers College-'"our faculty, staff, students, alumni, trustees and many friends-'"and thinking about the even more amazing potential contained within this institution.
    Published: 2/22/2007