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Volume XII, No.8 ♦ 7/2007

  • I SPI...A New Curriculum Advisor in Town

    I SPI...A New Curriculum Advisor in Town

    For the past four years, TC's Student Press Initiative (SPI) has collaborated with teachers and students from urban public high schools, youth detention centers and even other countries, helping students go public with their stories through professionally bound books, readings and staged performances. Now, SPI has expanded its focus to become a primary curriculum advisor to small, mission-driven high schools in New York City.
    Published: 7/22/2007

  • Launch Event Celebrates TC

    Launch Event Celebrates TC's "Levees" Curriculum

    On Thursday, September 6th, TC will celebrate the launch of the curriculum created by its faculty, staff and students for use with Spike Lee's HBO documentary, When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts.
    Published: 7/22/2007

  • Point of Reference

    Point of Reference

    At first glance, Maureen Horgan, Associate Director of Administrative Services at TC's Gottesman Libraries, might not remind anyone of Lou Gehrig, legendary New York Yankees first baseman, but the parallels are definitely there. Like Gehrig filling in as a rookie for a veteran with a headache, Horgan - TC's longest-tenured professional staff employee - began life at TC as a temp, subbing for someone on leave in the library office. The person never returned, and the rest is history - 40 years of it, to be precise.
    Published: 7/22/2007

  • Channeling the Right Role Models

    Channeling the Right Role Models

    In his new office on the second floor of Zankel Hall, the people who have influenced Jon Drescher are present in talismanic form. The name plate from his father's office door. A pair of tap dancing shoes that belonged to the entertainer Savion Glover, who was a student of Drescher's when he was principal of the Junior High School for the Performing Arts in Harlem. A review by New York Times critic John O'Connor of a radio show Drescher did for some years, called "A Trip through the 20th Century with Music."
    Published: 7/19/2007

  • TC

    TC's First Online Master's Program

    As a former elementary school teacher, Jean-Anne O'Neill is tired of waiting around for education to reform itself. Technology is the key to improvement, she says-'"not merely a potential amplifier for what already exists, but a tool that can radically change what teachers and students do in schools and how they do it.
    Published: 7/19/2007

  • Helping the Best Learn from Each Other

    Helping the Best Learn from Each Other

    Most professional development programs - whether in education or any other field - market themselves as offering knowledge their enrollees lack, and are therefore willing to pay for. The Teachers College Cahn Fellows Program for Distinguished New York City Principals takes the opposite tack.
    Published: 6/15/2007

  • Principals for Success

    Principals for Success

    For anyone ever "sent downstairs" as a kid to tremble before the majesty of the throne, the group of future school leaders that Craig Richards was leading through exercises in Milbank Chapel one hot July morning last summer looked decidedly un-principal-like.
    Published: 6/15/2007

  • Inside TC PDF, January 2007 Issue

    Download pdf version of the Summer 2007 issue of Inside TC.
    Published: 7/22/2007

  • Getting Back to Basics - Before It

    Getting Back to Basics - Before It's Too Late

    A report by Carnegie Corporation of New York finds that 75 percent of struggling third-grade readers are still struggling in ninth grade, and results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) consistently paint a similarly bleak picture. TC's Professor Dolores Perin (pictured) and her colleagues created a project to help address this problem through training preservice teachers to provide literacy skills lessons in science and social studies classrooms.
    Published: 7/3/2007

  • Goodbye and Welcome

    Goodbye and Welcome

    Of all the occasions in our packed and busy year, this is the most important - and the most joyous - because it's the day when not only you, our graduates, but also we, the faculty, staff, alumni and friends of TC, can congratulate ourselves on a job well done.
    Published: 7/22/2007

  • Taking the Law in Her Own Hands

    Taking the Law in Her Own Hands

    For most of the students in the TC Summer Principals Academy, the assignment to design a proposal for a new school is basically an exercise in setting priorities - a chance to briefly live the fantasy all educators have of full control over their environment and to answer the question: In an ideal world, what would I really try to achieve?
    Published: 6/15/2007

  • Hold That Line!

    Hold That Line!

    It may not have been what he expected when he first applied to the program, but one thing Hector Geager learned during his 15 months as a Teachers College Cahn Fellow was that he has a lot in common with a Union Army Civil War General named Joshua Chamberlain.
    Published: 6/15/2007

  • Student profiles: Michael Feyen

    Student profiles: Michael Feyen

    Teachers College students come from widely varying walks of life, but Michael Feyen, who spoke at the afternoon master's degree ceremony in May, may stand alone in having previously worked as a car salesman.
    Published: 7/22/2007

  • Student Profiles: Yasmin Helou

    Student Profiles: Yasmin Helou

    "Begin with that most terrifying of all things, a clean slate." Yasmin Helou gave that advice - the words of author Anna Quindlen - to a crowd of TC master's students at commencement on May 15, and it could well stand as a description of her experience at Teachers College.
    Published: 7/22/2007