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Volume IV, No. 3 ♦ 10/1998

  • Computers in the Halls and Other Conveniences

    There is no end to the different ways that Computer Information Services (CIS) is working to provide students with easy access to the information they need. This fall three new services are available.
    Published: 10/1/1998

  • Howard Gardner Presents Marx Lecture

    This year, Howard Gardner presented the fourth Marx Lecture on September 23. Gardner is the Hobbs Professor in Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and is best known in the field of education for his theory of multiple intelligences.
    Published: 10/1/1998

  • Providing Services for Students with Disabilities

    Richard Keller, the director for the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD) has thought about these questions, and what's more, he's providing solutions to TC students who need them.
    Published: 10/1/1998

  • Rano Mamadrizobekova: A Tajik Student Finds Her Way to TC

    A 24-year-old young lady, Rano Mamadrizobekova, is the first master's student in the Department of International and Transcultural Studies from the former Soviet Central Asian Republic of Tajikistan.
    Published: 10/1/1998

  • The First Annual TC Community Health Fair

    TC held its first annual Health Fair in the Student Lounge on September 28 as part of a newly initiated wellness program.
    Published: 10/1/1998

  • Vista Boricua at the Macy Gallery

    Throughout the semester, the Macy Gallery will be holding the "Vista Boricua Exhibition."
    Published: 10/1/1998

  • What Is Big Business’ Interest in Education?

    That is a question that troubles David C. Berliner, Visiting Professor and this academic year's Julius and Rosa Sachs Lecturer. In the first of three Sachs lectures this fall, Berliner examined the relationship between business and education.
    Published: 10/1/1998