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Volume IV, No. 5 ♦ 12/1998

  • Center for Technology and School Change Helps Educators Get Web Savvy

    As more schools are connected to the Internet, educators need to get Web savvy and find ways to incorporate Internet technology into the classroom. This past fall, the Center for Technology and School Change at Teachers College offered several Internet workshops to help educators dive into the digital age.
    Published: 12/1/1998

  • CEO&I and Institute for Educational Leadership Launch Partnership with Intersession Course

    The Center for Educational Outreach and Innovation (CEO&I) at TC has established a new partnership with the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL), a think tank based in Washington, D.C. Their first joint project will be a Federal Policy Institute held in Washington during the intersession-January 10 through January 15. Michael Timpane, a former Teachers College President, and Michael Usdan, President of IEL, will team teach the week-long course.
    Published: 12/1/1998

  • First in Series of Community Discussions on Fiscal Year 2000 Budget for College

    Fred Schnur and Steven Weinberg give a thorough review of past budget trends, future needs and the financial outlook of the College.
    Published: 12/1/1998

  • Introducing Donald Sutton: Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

    Donald Sutton is the newly appointed Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations at TC.
    Published: 12/1/1998

  • Sachs Lecturer Takes On the Christian Right

    In his final presentation, David C. Berliner, this academic year's Julius and Rosa Sachs Lecturer, said the biggest problem with the Christian Right is that "they eschew compromise because they are so sure they are right."
    Published: 12/1/1998

  • TC Community Town Meeting

    President Arthur Levine opened up discussions at the TC Town Meeting. Talk focused on the upcoming Capital Campaign, renovations of the physical plant, faculty hiring and building a better campus community.
    Published: 12/1/1998

  • TC Forum: Dilemmas of High-Stakes Testing

    Accountability for the results of high-stakes tests - including New York's Regents' examinations - should be "a shared responsibility of states, school districts, public officials, educators, parents and students rather than resting solely on the shoulders of students," Associate Professor Jay Heubert told a group of New York City metropolitan superintendents gathered at TC.
    Published: 12/1/1998