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Volume VII, No. 9 ♦ 6/2002

  • From Pakistani Television for Children to the Afghan Children's Project

    Sophia Ali just received her master's degree in Developmental Psychology and is off, once again, this time armed with the credentials to produce another television and radio show for children. Ali, who spent the last 14 years of her professional career in Los Angeles as a film and television producer for Orion, Paramount, and Universal studios, made a life changing decision in 1998. She decided to go back to her native country, Pakistan, to produce something new-a half-hour television show for children, the most neglected segment of Pakistan's television's target audience. By 1999 she had raised funding for the show and in May of 2000, produced the first episode.
    Published: 6/1/2002

  • Recipients of President's Grant for Student Research in Diversity

    The Committee for Community and Diversity (CCD) announced that Leanne M. Stahnke, doctoral candidate in the Curriculum and Teaching Department, and Kenneth A. Kozol, Ed.M. candidate in the Arts and Humanities Department of Music Education, have received the first President's Grant for Student Research in Diversity.
    Published: 6/1/2002

  • Teachers College Convocation Highlights Enduring Values of Equity, Opportunity and Access

    The graduating class of 2002, at all institutions, completed its term under the shadow of September's terrorist attacks. Inevitably, many commencement addresses focused on how those events will affect the future for the graduates and for us all. Teachers College chose, instead, to emphasize the struggle for equity in education by honoring four people who played an important role in shaping America's civil rights policies.
    Published: 6/1/2002

  • A Doctoral Student and His Mentor

    Terry Maltbia, who received his Ed.D. from the Adult Education Guided Intensive Study Program (AEGIS), says that it was Professor Victoria Marsick's high standards and mentorship that made his dissertation, "The Journey of the Becoming of the Diversity Practitioner: The Connection Between Experience and Learning and Confidence," distinctive. INSIDE TC ONLINE Terry Maltbia & Victoria Marsick VIDEO INTERVIEW Why Diversity Training?: VIDEO Mentor as Guide: VIDEO Addressing Myths About Diversity: VIDEO All media clips require the free Real Player plug in to play. Click here to download Real Player. Professor Victoria Marsick and Terry Maltbia. c Maltbia said that Professor Marsick was "more than a sponsor but rather a guide."
    Published: 6/1/2002

  • Allegrante Appears Before Congress to Advance Health Education

    John Allegrante, Professor of Health Education and President and CEO of the National Center for Health Education (NCHE), appeared before the House Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies in April. What follows are excerpts of his testimony.
    Published: 6/1/2002

  • TC Grad Wins Award for Study on Connections Between Race and Hypertension

    Adrienne Stevens Zion, Ed.D., was awarded the prestigious Caroline tum Suden/Francis Hellebrandt Professional Opportunity Award by the American Physiological Society (APS Women in Physiology/ Neural Control and Autonomic Regulation Section) for her work on race, arterial compliance, and autonomic modulation.
    Published: 6/1/2002

  • Henry Levin of the Center for Privatization Receives $1 Million from Pew and Ford Foundations

    Henry Levin, the William Heard Kilpatrick Professor of Economics and Education and the Director of the National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education (NCSPE) has received $1 million from the Pew and Ford foundations to study and comment on the broader issues of privatization.
    Published: 6/1/2002

  • The Collaboration for Excellence: TC’s New Teacher Institute

    Over the last four years, the Teachers College New Teacher Institute (TCNTI) has evolved to become a year-long intensive, ongoing, sustained professional development program to support the successful transition of new teachers into the profession.
    Published: 6/1/2002

  • Research on Traumatic Loss and Bereavement Published by George Bonanno

    Assistant Professor George Bonanno, who studies bereavement and emotional issues, has recently published, with his colleagues, two new studies, "Trauma and Bereavement: Examining the Impact of Sudden and Violent Deaths" and "Self-Enhancement as a Buffer Against Extreme Adversity: Civil War in Bosnia and Traumatic Loss in the United States."
    Published: 6/1/2002

  • Technology and Social Inequities in Education

    Educators, experts and innovators converged on Columbia's main campus in early May for the second annual Educational Technology Summit to learn and share ideas about the still nascent field of computing and education.
    Published: 6/1/2002

  • Film Screening Heightens Awareness of Disabilities Studies at TC

    The "First Annual Interdisciplinary Forum on dis/Abilities Studies in Education" brought together academics, researchers and students to examine disability by screening Liebe Perla, an award-winning film which documents an international friendship between two women of short stature: Hannelore, a young German academic, and Perla, an 80-year-old WWII concentration camp survivor. Though the film and panel discussion were designed to inform the audience about issues affecting people with disabilities, several speakers addressed the importance of examining ableism critically across a wide variety of disciplines.
    Published: 6/1/2002

  • CoCE Seminar

    Professor Ruth Hayhoe, the former President of the Comparative and International Education Society, made a presentation on a cultural approach to understanding Chinese education sponsored by the Center on Chinese Education (CoCE).
    Published: 6/1/2002

  • Hispanic Presence in the United States Second International Symposium

    TC hosted the Second International Symposium of Hispanic Presence in the U.S. in collaboration with several Hispanic cultural institutions including the Spanish Consulate and the Instituto Cervantes of New York.
    Published: 6/1/2002

  • In Brief

    brief updates on Arthur Levine, and John Saxman
    Published: 6/1/2002