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Publications: TC Today

The alumni magazine of Teachers College, Columbia University

Volume 32, No. 1 ♦ 10/2007

  • M.A., CEO

    M.A., CEO

    Most students at TC look to the College to provide them with their first fieldwork opportunities. Not so Marla Schaefer (M.A., 2003), who, in the midst of studying organizational psychology, was suddenly asked-'"along with her younger sister, Bonnie-'"to take over the family business when their father suffered a stroke.
    Published: 10/18/2007

  • Sobol v. Sobol

    Sobol v. Sobol

    On the issue of educational equity, Tom Sobol is an unabashed friend of the people. On the the issue of Tom Sobol, he takes a tougher line.
    Published: 10/10/2007

  • Alumni News

    TC graduates are forging new connections between TC and schools in surrounding communities.
    Published: 10/3/2007

  • Campus News

    In March, Teachers College was named the nation's top graduate school of education in the annual ranking by the editors of U.S.News and World Report, besting Stanford, Harvard and Vanderbilt.
    Published: 10/3/2007

  • From Our Readers

    Opinions, advice and food for thought from the readers of TC Today
    Published: 10/3/2007

  • Lessons for Living

    Children succeed at or fail tests that others design and then must live the rest of their lives with the consequences. Children inducted into gangs and guerilla bands receive an education as essential for drug trafficking or insurgency as other training is for drug policing and military campaigns-'"...
    Published: 10/3/2007

  • Something Old, Something New

    rofessor Emeritus Tom Sobol, who received the College's Medal for Distinguished Service at Convocation in May, stands here for our recent past. During the 1990s, as New York State's Commissioner of Education, Tom courageously allied himself with parents and community advocates suing the state for more resources for poorer schools.
    Published: 10/3/2007

  • TC Faculty in Print

    Review of publications from Isobel R. Contento and David T. Hansen.
    Published: 10/3/2007

  • The Family as Educator

    Family history can sneak up on you. Case in point: the photo on this page, in which Arielle Farber Shanok (Ph.D., 2007) posed in May with her mother, Rebecca Shahmoon Shanok (Ph.D., 1987), now both graduates of TC's doctoral program in clinical psychology.
    Published: 10/3/2007

  • The Adventurous Academic

    The Adventurous Academic

    The path followed by TC's new Provost has led him out of his comfort zone and into the community.
    Published: 9/30/2007

  • Publishing, Family Style

    Publishing, Family Style

    In a business that's losing its personal touch, Teachers College Press doesn't just publish books-- it convenes a community that brings them into the world.
    Published: 9/13/2007