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The alumni magazine of Teachers College, Columbia University

Volume 26, No. 1 ♦ 6/2001

  • Ignacy Goldberg, Internationally Known Expert on Disabilities, Dies at 85

    Ignacy Goldberg, Professor Emeritus of Education, one of the foremost educators in the United States and across the world in the field of special education, died June 2, 2001, in Hollywood, Florida. He was 85 years old.
    Published: 9/1/2001

  • A Man for All Seasons: Dr. John W. Taylor

    Though frail now, the life of 95 year-old John Wilkinson Taylor is filled with accomplishments in education, diplomacy, civil-rights, and communications, which shaped the face of this nation and world.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • Colonel Myers: The Art of Giving

    Colonel Eugene E. Myers, who passed away recently and is sorely missed by the Art and Art Education Program and the Milbank Memorial Library, once said, "I have always been steeped in military science, in history and music, art, aesthetics and I have done my Ôdarndest' to stay current." That he did. Myers co-authored or contributed to three books and published more than 80 articles on art, education and world travels. He served his country and lived his passion for art, learning, and teaching while establishing funding to foster programs and understanding of art in higher education.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • Dave Brubeck: Teacher

    Dave Brubeck held a master class and concert at TC with two of his sons, Danny on trombone and bass and Chris on drums. Also performing with the trio were St. Joseph's Choir from Babylon, the Senior Gospel Chorus from Eleanor Roosevelt Intermediate School 143M in Washington Heights, and instrumentalists and chamber singers from Syosset High School. At the performance, Brubeck was awarded the TC Medal for Distinguished Service.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • Expanding the Role of Reading in Math Class

    Does reading count in mathematics? Yes, it does, said TC Associate Professor of Education Marjorie Siegel. Reading isn't only for word problems. Math, like other subjects, has history and new areas yet to be discovered. Through reading, students learn the history of how certain formulas came to be and alternate forms of math. One class learned taxi geometry that takes into account the grid street system of New York City, she said. In other forms of geometry, mathematical constraints can make a sphere look like a square. In Reading Counts (TC Press), Siegel and Raffaella Borasi, Professor of Education at University of Rochester, presented the key findings of the Reading to Learn Mathematics for Critical Thinking (RLM) project and two other follow-up studies to show that reading does count in mathematics.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • Gifford Delivers Inaugural Sussman Lecture

    Dr. Bernard R. Gifford, the first Sussman Visiting Professor of Education at TC, delivered the inaugural lecture at Milbank Chapel on, "Closing the Chasm Between Promise and Reality: Location-Independent Learning and Teaching."
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • Hechinger Institute Examines Leadership and School Improvement

    In the days after Mardi Gras, TC's Hechinger Institute settled into a quiet and serene New Orleans to present the opening of its yearly series of seminars. The Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media is named for Fred M. Hechinger, an education editor at The New York Times and a TC trustee. The Institute exists to enhance communication and understanding between journalists and educators.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • Introducing TC Muses

    While it doesn't include Sharon Stone ("The Muse") as part of the program, TC Muses, an experiential learning program begun recently by The Center for Educational Outreach & Innovation (CEO&I), does offer an exciting opportunity for lifelong learning.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • Janna Spark: Adversity and Gratitude

    Janna Spark studied interdisciplinary psychology courses in the Special Education doctoral program during the early 1970s, when she was offered a scholarship to work with Professor I. Ignacy Goldberg.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • Levin on Cost-Effective Analysis in Education

    The educational sector of the U.S. is second in size only to the health care sector in terms of its use of national resources, said Henry M. Levin, William Heard Kilpatrick Professor of Economics and Education and Director of the National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education (NCSPE)
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • Maeroff Speaks About The Learning Connection

    "For me, The Learning Connection is revisiting the topic of collaborative projects between schools and colleges in a book I wrote called, School in College, published in 1982," said Gene I. Maeroff, Director of the Hechinger Institute on Education and the Media at Teachers College.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • Magsaysay Memorial

    A memorial service was held at TC in January after the untimely death of alumna Teresita "Tess" Magsaysay.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • Mary Alice White, Leading Psychologist in Computers and Learning, Dies at 80

    Mary Alice White, who was Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Education, Director of the Laboratory for the Psychological Study of Telecommunication, and one of the nation's leading psychologists to investigate the ways in which technology-including computers and television-change the way children learn, died in December 2000.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • Maxine Greene: Exclusions and Awakenings

    When Maxine Greene walks into the room, people get excited. The premiere of the film, "Exclusions and Awakenings: The Life of Maxine Greene," directed by Markie Hancock and produced by Kathryn Gregorio, was no exception.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • New College: Addressing the Persistent Problems of Living

    In 1932, in the midst of the most profound economic depression this country ever faced, Teachers College introduced the New College, an experimental college for teachers.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • New Report from the IEE Shows School-to-Work Initiatives Impact Student Performance

    There is a new consensus of research that indicates School-to-Work (STW) activities, such as job shadowing, which involve business/education partnerships, do make a difference for students-this according to a report just published by the Institute on Education and the Economy (IEE) at TC.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • Professor Emeritus Willard J. Jacobson, Science Educator, Dies at 78

    Willard James Jacobson, Professor Emeritus of Natural Science at Teachers College, who directed public attention to the national problem of "a sadly deficient" science education in the 1950s, died on Friday, December 29, 2000, at his home in Duxbury, Massachusetts. He was 78.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • Ralph R. Fields, Professor Emeritus of Higher Education, Dies at 93

    Ralph R. Fields, one of the early pioneers in the community college movement and the head of the Teachers for East Africa Program (TEA), died on November 15, 2000, at his home in Sun City Center, Florida.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • Successes and Failures of Information Technology Use in Higher Education

    Professor Lisa Ann Petrides' new book, Case Studies on Information Technology in Higher Education: Implications for Policy and Practice, focuses on both the successes and failures associated with integrating information technology in colleges and universities.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • TC Graduates Celebrate at Master's and Doctoral Convocation Ceremonies

    People craned their necks and clutched cameras when the "Prelude and Fugue in C Major" began on the great organ of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. They were waiting to see the smiling face of a friend or family member beneath one of the 1,500 blue-gray mortarboard hats as the TC master's degree candidates marched into the Cathedral.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • The Sachs Lectures Feature Amy Stuart Wells

    Amy Stuart Wells spoke to a packed audience in all three of her lectures as the Julius and Rosa Sachs Lecturer and Visiting Associate Professor of Sociology and Education.
    Published: 6/1/2001

  • Winning the Social War Through Education

    The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded a grant to support the groundbreaking research of Professors Cally Waite and Margaret Crocco, who will be studying "The Education of Southern African Americans in Northern Research Institutions from Plessy to Brown (1896-1954)."
    Published: 1/1/2001