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  • TC Faculty, Administrators Receive Humanitarian Award for Work in Ghana

    TC Faculty, Administrators Receive Humanitarian Award for Work in Ghana

    Cate Crowley and Miriam Baigorri accepted an award from the National Council of Ghanaian Associations for TC's Speech Language Pathology Program in Ghana.
    Published: 3/7/2012

  • TC Creates Joint Master

    TC Creates Joint Master's Program With Education Institute in Singapore

    The new Masters of Arts in Leadership and Educational Change program is part of a new Memorandum of Understanding signed by Singapore and the United States, which will facilitate the sharing of best practices and experience in both countries.
    Published: 2/8/2012

  • Columbia and TC Cited for Fulbright Excellence

    Columbia and TC Cited for Fulbright Excellence

    Columbia University is one of the nation's top producers this year of Fulbright Students and Fulbright Scholars -- and TC has played an important part in that success. Top-producing institutions were highlighted in the October 24th digital edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education.
    Published: 11/8/2011

  • Strengthening TC

    Strengthening TC's Relationships in Asia

    In early June, a delegation from TC that included President Susan Fuhrman, Provost Tom James and several faculty members traveled to Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, meeting with alumni and prospective students.
    Published: 7/6/2011

  • TC Hosts Global Meeting on Health Promotion

    TC Hosts Global Meeting on Health Promotion

    The Board of Trustees of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) will be holding its annual meeting at Teachers College this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The events will include an all-morning symposium on Wednesday, June 8th, convened by the North American Regional Office (NARO) of IUHPE, to be held in Grace Dodge 179.
    Published: 6/6/2011

  • TC

    TC's Genishi and Souto-Manning are Interviewed on Brazilian TV about "Tiger Mom"

    Genishi and Souto-Manning, who is a native Brazilian, spoke with Globo TV about The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, Amy Chua's controversial book about her strict parenting practices.
    Published: 3/4/2011

  • Words from Ghana

    Words from Ghana

    Last year, a group of TC students helped Ghanaian children with speech disorders do things they couldn't do before, including shop in the local markets. Check out their story, as well a blog from a current TC delegation in Ghana.
    Published: 1/5/2011

  • Sharing Across the Pond

    Sharing Across the Pond

    At TC, a day devoted to pondering education innovation -- and, sometimes error -- in the UK and US
    Published: 11/15/2010

  • Mr. Rock Goes to China

    Mr. Rock Goes to China

    TC's Director of Enrollment Services reflects on a higher ed delegation's recent visit to Beijing and Shanghai.
    Published: 10/26/2010

  • Reunion in Islamabad

    Reunion in Islamabad

    Professor Emeritus Frances Schoonmaker is teaming up with a former student, Hareem Atif Khan, on a project in Pakistan aimed at improving teacher preparation.
    Published: 8/12/2010

  • A Worthwhile Journey: The Story of Namibian Prime Minster Nahas Angula

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