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  • A Plea for Partisanship in Education

    A Plea for Partisanship in Education

    Writing in Education Week, TC's Amy Stuart Wells argues that while education represents a rare area of consensus between Democrats and Republicans right now, "the most agreed-upon solutions-'"testing, privatization, deregulation, stringent accountability systems, and placement of blame on unions for all that is wrong-'"are doing more harm than good."
    Published: 1/28/2011

  • Following By Example

    Following By Example

    Writing in The Huffington Post, TC faculty member Peter Coleman writes that gridlock in Washington, D.C. is so extreme that U.S. politicians and their chief supporters are "engaged in patterns of behavior that resist change" and that they "reenact repeatedly and often automatically, even when they may at times prefer not to." Calling upon average citizens to "destabilize this fixed system" from the bottom up, he advises us to "beware absolute certainty-' take responsibility for the state of our state-' reflect on our own contradictions-' go new-'and see possibilities."
    Published: 1/20/2011

  • Huerta: Home School Tax Breaks May Unite Conservatives

    Huerta: Home School Tax Breaks May Unite Conservatives

    In "Room for Debate" on the New York Times website, Luis Huerta, Associate Professor of Education and Public Policy, says G.O.P. proposal for tax credits for home schooling may be rooted in deeper culture wars promoted by fiscal and social conservatives.
    Published: 1/5/2011

  • A Measured Response to Value-Added Measures

    A Measured Response to Value-Added Measures

    As early as today, the courts could potentially authorize the public release of the Teacher Data Reports for 12,000 New York City elementary and middle school teachers. Writing in the Daily News, TC's Aaron Pallas cautions that value-added measures, in conjunction with other measures of teachers' skills and abilities, shed useful light on a teacher's performance. Taken in isolation, however, these measures fall far short of telling us all that we want to know. (NY Daily News)
    Published: 1/3/2011


    Assistant Professor Douglas Ready, and professors Jeffrey Henig and Aaron Pallas, experts in testing and accountability measures, are available to discuss the planned release of teacher evaluation data by the New York City Department of Education.
    Published: 10/21/2010

  • A Blog on Microaggressions

    A Blog on Microaggressions

    Writing for Psychology Today, TC's Sue and Rivera draw on two recent books.
    Published: 10/6/2010

  • Henig, Levin Call for Caution in Use of Private Contractors in Education

    Henig, Levin Call for Caution in Use of Private Contractors in Education

    In an Education Week opinion piece this week, professors Jeffrey Henig and Henry Levin say contracting with private, or more-autonomous public, providers can increase flexibility, foster constructive variation, and offer an infusion of human capital and energies. Yet there are many places at which things may go awry.
    Published: 10/4/2010

  • In Newark, Start With the Youngest Children

    In Newark, Start With the Youngest Children

    In "Room for Debate" on, Margaret Crocco, chair of the Department of Arts and Humanities, writes that Newark, in spending its $100 million gift from Mark Zuckerberg, should start by helping children under five.
    Published: 10/1/2010

  • On Buying Stuff for School

    On Buying Stuff for School

    TC student Dino Sossi writes in Canada's The Globe and Mail about the greater importance of that yearly trip to stock up on notebooks, pens and multi-colored markers. (See Article)
    Published: 9/19/2010

  • Value-Added Measurement of Teachers Has a Significant Downside

    Value-Added Measurement of Teachers Has a Significant Downside

    Scholarly experts have drawn the distinction between the merits of using value-added models to shape standards and curricula and the flaws and dangers of applying the same formulae to evaluate individual teacher performances. They point out that many other factors-'"poverty, school resources, support from parents and outside sources such as tutoring, even health status-'"affect standardized test scores.
    Published: 9/9/2010

  • In Opinion Piece, TC

    In Opinion Piece, TC's Allegrante Defends Academic Freedom

    John P. Allegrante, Professor and Deputy Provost, wrote an opinion essay that was published in Iceland's Morgunbladid newspaper following the recent firing by Reykjavik University of Professor Einar Steingrimsson. Allegrante writes that the dismissal "raises grave questions" about academic freedom for Icelandic scholars and scientists. Steingrimsson had been publicly critical of the university's failure to consult faculty on academic matters.
    Published: 8/20/2010

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