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Press Room: Commencement

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  • An Observer from Shangri-La

    Sonam Tobgye came to TC to help Bhutan modernize its education system. He's discovered that there's plenty worth preserving, as well
    Published: 5/14/2012

  • Bound to Make an Impact

    Bound to Make an Impact

    A gallery of TC's 2012 graduates
    Published: 5/14/2012

  • Home is Where the Push Pin Is

    Brittany Lynk has been outward bound since she was a kid, but family and community remain her touchstones
    Published: 5/14/2012

  • Learning to Lead Change

    Theresa Perrotta's experience in the College's new XMA program could came at the right moment in her career -- and in the evolution of her company
    Published: 5/14/2012

  • Looking Past the Labels

    Stephen Numme believes school segregation lives on through the designation "special ed." He speaks from experience
    Published: 5/14/2012

  • Studying the Spaces Where Young People Can Just Be

    Community-based youth organizations can be safe spaces for emotional and social development. Bianca Baldridge believes they should be taken seriously as a focus of academic discourse
    Published: 5/14/2012

  • The (Therapeutic) Value of Being Heard

    Gillian Esquivia-Cohen has studied the use of biblio-therapy for traumatized immigrant children
    Published: 5/14/2012

  • The Student Life Expert Gets Her Degree

    Maria Hataier is charged with shaping the TC experience. Now she's been through it
    Published: 5/14/2012

  • Thinking Small

    Through her research, Thora Eidsdottir has gotten the big picture on teen obesity in Iceland. Now she wants to shrink it
    Published: 5/14/2012

  • Teachers College 2012 Convocations Honor Neil deGrasse Tyson, Martha Kanter and Shirley Brice Heath

    Teachers College 2012 Convocations Honor Neil deGrasse Tyson, Martha Kanter and Shirley Brice Heath

    Tyson, the "People's Astrophysicist," Under Secretary of Education Kanter, and the cultural historian Heath will address TC graduates at ceremonies on May 15 and 16.
    Published: 4/12/2012

  • Meet Our 2011 Graduates

    Meet Our 2011 Graduates

    They're moving on, but they're taking a lot of TC with them. A cross-section of this year's graduates -- with more to come -- from programs ranging from speech and language pathology to counseling and clinical psychology.
    Published: 5/30/2011

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