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Social-Organizational Psychology
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Social-Organizational Psychology

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Event Details: Fall 2012 MA Comprehensive Exam Information Session for Current MA Students


The dates for the Fall 2012 M.A. Comprehensive Exam are as follows:

Information Session: Monday, October 22nd, 1pm; location: 214 ZB (will be under 1 hour). 
For those students who cannot attend the Information Session (it is not mandatory) and would like a copy of the PowerPoint presentation that will be used during the session, please email Dr. Buontempo ( and she will send you a copy after the information session. 

Comp Exam Pick Up: Starting Friday, October 26th until Friday, November 2nd in 226 Thompson Hall.
The office hours are as follows: Friday, October 26th from 10am - 6pm; Monday, October 29th - Friday November 2nd from 10am - 5:30pm.

Comp Exam: Friday, November 16th, 1pm - 4pm, location: 285 GDH

Rules (not exhaustive):

(1) You must have completed the following Core Level 1 courses:
Functions of Organizations, Organizational Psychology, Understanding
Behavioral Research, Human Resource Management.

(2) You must have received a C+ or better in each of these Core Level 1

(3) You should have completed or should be in the process of completing
32 of your 45 required credits.

(4) You must come, in person, to pick up the Comp Exam because we need
your signature on the "contract".

(5) If you pick up the Exam, you must sit for the Exam. If you do not
sit for the Exam, it will count as a failure.

(6) You must pass with an 80% on the Comp Exam.

(7) You may only take the Comp Exam twice.  If you fail more than two
times you may not be allowed to continue study in the MA Program.

Type: Information Session

Location: 214 ZB

Date & Time: 10/22/2012, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Contact: Gina Buontempo



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