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Adult Learning and Leadership
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Adult Learning and Leadership

In the Department of Organization & Leadership

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    Welcome to Adult Learning and Leadership

    • Welcome to Adult Learning and Leadership

      Lifelong learning for adults is an increasingly important educational specialization in the 21st century. The massive economic, political, social and psychological changes that are transforming the nature and structure of virtually all institutions in society have rendered obsolete the notion that people can be adequately educated, once and for all, in their youth. In addition, the challenges faced by adults today call for changes in our social, economic, and political systems. The Adult Learning and Leadership Program emphasizes transformative learning and development for adult and organizational change in many different settings — educational institutions, business and non-profit or government institutions, healthcare, and community settings. We prepare educational leaders to create bridges to strengthen organizational, community and national capacity.

      Adult Learning and Leadership Program

      The Adult Learning and Leadership Program offers various degree options, including the M.A., the Ed.M. and the Ed.D.—with concentrations in in 1.) Adult Education and Organizational Learning and 2.) Healthcare Human Resources.

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      Video Overview of Adult Learning and Leadership (ALL)

      Watch a short video overview of the graduate programs in Adult Learning and Leadership.

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      Victoria Marsick, Ph.D.

      Victoria Marsick, Professor of Adult Learning and Leadership, is the Program Coordinator for the Adult Learning and Leadership Program.

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      Adult Education Guided Intensive Study (AEGIS)

      The Adult Education Guided Intensive Study (AEGIS) Program is a highly selective, fast-track cohort program leading to the Ed.D. AEGIS is for mid-career professionals who work full time, and who choose to pursue a doctorate in a concentrated format. 

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      Video Introduction to AEGIS

      Watch a short video introduction to the Adult Education Guided Intensive Study (AEGIS) Program.

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      Lyle Yorks, Ed.D.

      Lyle Yorks, Associate Professor of Adult and Continuing Education, is the Program Director for the Adult Education Guided Intensive Study (AEGIS) Program.

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      Jeanne Bitterman, Ed.D.

      Jeanne Bitterman, Senior Lecturer in Adult Learning and Leadership and AEGIS, is Core Faculty, teaching in each, and assisting in the coordination and administration  of both programs.

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      Terrence Earl Maltbia, Ed.D.

      Terrence Earl Maltbia is a Senior Lecturer in the Adult Learning and Leadership Program and the Faculty Director of the Columbia Coaching Certification Program.

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      Diversity Initiatives in the Adult Learning and Leadership Program

      The Adult Learning and Leadership (ALL) program aims to foster transformative learning by helping students surface and challenge their assumptions in order to lead and change themselves and their organizations and communities. Over the past two and half years, a steering committee of Adult Learning and Leadership faculty, staff and students have been working to improve the ALL program such that it better meets student need and aligns with objectives necessary for success in the 21st century.  Based on data from interviews and focus groups with current and former students, one area in which the Adult Learning and Leadership program could improve is in the representation of diverse viewpoints across the curriculum.  Please visit this page to learn more about these initiatives. 

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    Degrees Offered

    • Degrees Offered

      Adult Learning and Leadership (ADUL)
      Master of Arts (M.A.)
      Master of Education (Ed.M.)
      Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)
      Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), AEGIS

    Upcoming Events

    Recent Announcements

    • Recent Announcements

      Professor Arthur Langer was recently featured on Fox News for his work training veterans to get back into the workforce. You can learn more about his non-profit, Workforce Opportunity Services, on his website:

      The Adult Learning and Leadership Program has been awarded the Vice President's Grant for Diversity & Community Initiatives for the academic year 2013-2014!  The  proposal was the creation of an action research initiative called: Mindfulness into Action.  Please contact Mariana Vergara at for more information. Learn more

      Professor Judith Parker's "must have book," Pedagogical and Andragogical Teaching and Learning with Information Communication Technologies, recently received a favorable review by Dr. Semire Dikli of Georgia Gwinnett College, and will be published in International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments (IJVPLE) Volume 4, Issue 4. You can read the full review here: Learn more

      Adult Learning and Leadership student Tonia  Casarin is the first student of Teachers College to receive a Lemann Fellowship, one of the programs of Brazil's Lemann Foundation. With her own freelance coaching practice in Rio de Janeiro, Tonia is "Blazing a Trail for Brazilian Students." Learn more

      The Adult Learning and Leadership program has been awarded the Dean's Fellowship for Teaching and Diversity for the academic year 2013-2014!  For more information, please contact Stacey Robbins at You can also connect with us on Facebook. Learn more

    Lyle Yorks Blog

    • Lyle Yorks' Blog: Strategic Thinking and Learning

      Come join the conversation with Professor Lyle Yorks where the discussion and community revolves around strategic thinking and learning for a complex world.

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    • Sean Conley

      Sean Conley is Associate Dean for Marlboro College Graduate School in Brattleboro, Vermont, where he directs several graduate programs and teaches. For the last decade his focus has been on the intersection of technology and adult learning, examining the challenge of the digital divide, technology in the developing world, the open source software movement and the role of experiential learning and reflection in on-line and blended programs.

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