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Departmental Scholarships

Each year Teachers College awards over $5 million of its own funds in scholarship/stipend aid and $2 million of endowed funds to new and continuing students. Most scholarship awards are made on the basis of academic merit. Scholarships are applied to tuition only, and students should expect to provide additional funds for the tuition balance, fees, medical insurance, academic and living expenses.

Scholarship points (of which there are three pools: general, minority and international) are given out once per year. The Office of Student Aid gives each program a certain number of points (relative to number of students) to each program early in the spring semester. Decisions for new and continuing students are made by program faculty by May.

Last year, continuing students in the Department had to fill out a form (the CSSA, Continuing Student Scholarship Application) from the Office of Student Aid by February 1st. This is no longer the case; all students are considered for scholarship points, which are awarded on both need and merit bases. More specifically, points are based on a composite of GPA, GRE (if taken), courses taken, full-time/part-time status, degree sought, level of need (as determined by the FAFSA), membership to an historically underrepresented group and faculty input. Please note: if you did not fill out the FAFSA, you will still be considered for scholarship points.

When faculty make their decisions, documentation is given to the Office of Student Aid, which mails out notification letters to students (time varying from spring to early summer). Please note: Except for points awarded as part of a graduate assistantship, all scholarship points must be used in the year awarded and may not be transferred to a future academic year (this includes new students who defer admission).

These are very limited resources; however, keep in mind that other sources of funding are posted periodically on the bulletin board outside of the Department Office (213 Main Hall) and on the Department's data base of funding (make a link to the data base here!). Additional information on student aid, grants, loans and alternate sources of funding can be found on the Office of Student aid's web site (