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Organization & Leadership
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Our Programs

  • Adult Learning and Leadership

    The Adult Learning and Leadership Programs prepares decision-makers to recognize the limitations of programming solely within institutions, and to help create bridges to strengthen organizational and national capacity.

  • Education Leadership

    The Education Leadership Programs helps prepare graduate students for thoughtful and strategic leadership in schools, school systems, and educational organizations, and to be effective leaders, change agents, academic researchers and teachers. What distinguishes our programs is an integrated academic and skill-based focus on leadership development.

  • Higher and Postsecondary Education

    The Program in Higher and Postsecondary Education prepares educators and leaders for administrative and academic positions in a broad range of postsecondary educational institutions.

  • Nurse Executive

    The Executive Program for Nurses with specializations in Administration and Professorial Studies helps preparing leaders for roles in healthcare organizations--both service and education.

  • Social-Organizational Psychology

    The Social-Organizational Psychology programs provide advanced training in the concepts, research methods, and applications of social-organizational psychology. They are designed to prepare students to engage in research, consultation, and teaching in educational, business, governmental, and community organizations.