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Organization & Leadership
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Organization & Leadership

Departmental Degree Requirements > General Research

General Research

General Requirement of the Department of Organization and Leadership

Requirements Degree Program Course Options Requirement  Rationale
Overview research  methods course MA, MED, ED.D. ORL 5521-Research  Methods in Education (for students with applied research interests)   or ORL 4009-Understanding Behaviorial Research (for student with a psychological  orientation) This course is to  give students an overview of various modes of research and provide them  with basic research literacy for reading professional journals and research  reports.
Introductory statistics  course ED.D. HUDM 4120-Basic  Concepts in Statistics This course is to  give students a basic understanding of statistics and a capacity to read  and interpret statistical research findings.
Methodological research  design (design and data collection strategies) ED.D. Students are to  pick one research design course based on the methodology that is appropriate  for thieir dissertation topic (among seven options). This course is to  train students in research conceptualization, design, and related data collection  strategies for one mode of research. Students are to select from among seven  research modes.
Methodological data  analysis ED.D. Students are to  take one data analysis course that is appropriate for their research design  and data collection. This course is to  support students in subsequent data collection, data analysis and reporting.  It is a follow-up course to the research design and data collection course.  Students cannot take this course without completing appropriate course requirements.

Recommended Doctoral Research Design, Data Collection and Analysis Courses Department of Organization and Leadership

Methodological  Design Design and Data  Collection Data Analysis
Experimental and  Quasi-experimental Research Design ORLJ 5040-Research  Methods in Social Psychology Advanced Statistics  Courses: HUDM 5122-Applied Regression HUDM 5123-Linear Models and Experimental Design HUDM 5124-Multidimensional Scaling and Clustering  HUDM 6122-Multivariate Analysis I
Survey Research  Design HUDF 5020-Methods  Of Social Research: Survey Methods HUDM 5053 Instrument Design and Validation HUDF 5029- Sociological  Research Methods in Educational Design HUDM 5122-Applied Regression HUDM 5124-Multidimensional Scaling and Clustering  HUDM 6122-Multivariate Analysis HUDF 6021-Social Research Methods: reporting
Applied Qualitative  Research Design (including case study) ORL 6500-Qualitative  Research Methods on Organizations:  Design and Data Collection C&T 5502(1)&(2)-Introduction to Qualitative Research in Curriculum and Teaching ORL 6501-Qualitive  Research Methods on Organizations: Data Analysis and Reporting
Ethnography ORL 5000- Methods  of Inquiry:  Ethnography and Participant Observation ITSF 5001-Ethnography  and participant observation: Structural and Interpretive Analysis ORL 5002-Ethnography and Participant Observation:  comparative and qualitative analysis
Evaluation HUDM 5055-Evaluation  of Institutions, Programs and Curricula HBSS 6100- Measurement and Evaluation in Health Education HUDF 5021-Methods of Social Research: Evaluation Methods ITSF 4092-Qualitative Research and Evaluation in International Education HUDF 5056 (continuation)
Historical Research A&F 6041-Historical  Method
Action Research ORLA 5530-Action  Research (to be selective  based upon qualitative or quantitative focus)