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Organization & Leadership
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Organization & Leadership

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Welcome to the Department of Organization & Leadership

  • Welcome to the Department of Organization & Leadership

    Welcome to the Department of Organization and Leadership, and especially to our Programs in Adult Learning and Leadership, Education Leadership, Higher and Postsecondary Education, Executive Program for Nursing, and Social-Organizational Psychology.

    Our MA, EDM, EDD, PhD degree programs are unique:

    • We link leadership and learning. Our faculty and students lead by helping others to learn, and by keeping their own continual learning at the center of how they lead.
    • We keep one foot in research and the other foot in practice. Some faculty and students conduct research and then apply it to practice. Others start with a deep understanding of practice, and then carry out research to improve that practice from the inside. Still others invent new ways to link these two activities. Our dual attention to research and practice guides our students’ experiences in and out of the classroom.
    • We recognize the value of organizations with diverse members. Our faculty seek to create organizations and communities comprised of diverse individuals who will bring unique insights, questions, and interests to collective endeavor. We prepare our students to develop and support diverse organizations.
    • We understand that the organizations and communities we serve must promote the common good. Our faculty and students conceive of leadership as an ethical imperative to act in ways that support our essential humanity, regardless of whether the organizations we serve are schools or colleges, hospitals, for-profit businesses, non-profit organizations, branches of the military, or government agencies.

    We hope that you will explore our pages and consider pursuit of your studies here.

    Anna Neumann
    Professor of Higher Education
    Chair, Department of Organization and Leadership


News From Organization and Leadership

Recent Faculty Publications and Grants

  • Recent Faculty Publications and Grants

    Bergeron, D.M., Ostroff, C., Schroeder, & Block, C.J. (2014). The dual effects of organizational citizenship behavior: Relationships to research productivity and career outcomes in academe. Human Performance, 27, 99-128

    Bowers, A.J. & White, B.R. (2014). Do principal preparation and teacher qualifications influence different types of school growth trajectories in Illinois? A growth mixture model analysis. Journal of Educational Administration, 52(5), 705-736.

    Description: osx 10.9.2:users:delima:desktop:31912_lcm2166.jpgCampbell, C. & O'Meara, K.A. (2014).  Faculty agency: Departmental contexts that matter in faculty Careers.  Research in Higher Education, 55, 49-74.                                 

    Description: osx 10.9.2:users:delima:desktop:9429_mb1434.jpg

    Chatterji, M. & Welner, K.G. (2014), (Eds.). Validity, assessment, and accountability: Contemporary issues in primary, secondary, and higher education. Quality Assurance in Education, 22(1) (Special Issue).


    Chatterji, M., Green, L.W., & Kumanyika, S. (2014). L.E.A.D.: A framework for evidence gathering and use for the prevention of obesity and other complex public health problems. Heath Education & Behavior, 41(1), 85-99.

    Description: osx 10.9.2:users:delima:desktop:33353_pc84.jpgColeman, Peter


    New Grant Monies:

    Project Title: The Tatweer-Teachers College Literacy Project. Grantor: United States Institute of Peace. Grant: $129,800.

    Description: osx 10.9.2:users:delima:desktop:33364_ndd2123.jpg

    Drezner, N. D. & Huehls, F. (2014). Fundraising and institutional advancement: Theory, practice, and new paradigms. New York: Routledge.

    Description: osx 10.9.2:users:delima:desktop:33360_7483_an350image.jpgNeumann, A., & Bolitzer, L. (2014). Finding and fostering learning: What college and university leaders need to know and what they can do. In New Directions for Higher Education, special issue on “Connecting Learning Across the Institution" (165th ed., Vol. 2014). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.


    New Grant Monies:

    Project Title: MetroCITI: A Multi-Campus Institute for Improving Teaching Students' Liberal Learning in Urban Colleges and Universities. Grantor: The Teagle Foundation. Grant: $155,000.