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Social-Organizational Psychology
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Social-Organizational Psychology

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Our Ph.D. Students

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Maura Bairley

Interests: Social change organizations; leadership development and social identity; group relations


Ariel Bernstein

Interests: Group dynamics, stereotype threat, efficacy of executive coaching, the effects our perceptions—both of ourselves and of others—have on our decisions

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Lauren Catenacci

Interests: How generational diversity influences relationships and expectations about performance in the workplace; how racially ambiguous individuals are perceived and the resulting internal conflicts they experience

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'Stine Chung

Interests: Conflict; culture; identity; social justice; dynamical systems theory

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Mateo Cruz

Interests: Impact of gender and diversity on career outcomes, specifically in relation to stereotype threat and strategic identity management

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Joe Dillard

Interests: Studying colleges and universities as organizations, diversity and diversity training in organizations, executive coaching, leadership development, and organization change

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Ginevra Drinka

Interests: Demographic variables and how they may impact stereotyping and discrimination in the workplace, e.g., gender and sexual orientation as variables, specifically using the warmth competence model

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Dyan Ferraris

Interests: Diversity and inclusion, stereotyping, group dynamics, intersectional identities (race, gender, and sexual orientation), organizational dynamics, organizational change, and using social science to promote equality and social justice in the workplace

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Rachel Fudman

Interests: Diversity and inclusion; stereotype threat in organizations; organization development and change

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Nathan Gerard

Interests: Motivation, meaning, and alienation at work; team and group dynamics; health care management; organization development; philosophical approaches to organizational psychology; critical management studies; alternative forms of organizing


Asha Gipson

Interests: Workplace diversity, organizational climate change, demographic minorities, and stereotype/social identity threat

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Tony Hacking

Interests:  Team innovation; leveraging team heterogeneity; organization change

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Taly Harel-Marian

Interests: Gender stereotypes in the workplace, stereotype threat, and conflict resolution

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Regina Kim

Interests: Conflict management, culture, stereotype threat, leadership, coaching

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David Mendelsohn

Interests: organizational culture, leadership, demography, and self-regulation

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Adam Mitchinson

Interests: Conflict management; leadership; learning agility; talent management; organizational change and development


Duoc Nguyen

Interests: Political orientation, discrimination, persuasion, stereotype threat, diversity at the workplace, stereotype boost, and racial micro-aggression

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DeMarcus Pegues

Interests: Organizational diversity, leadership development, social power, group dynamics, process consultation, executive coaching

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Danielle Pfaff

Interests: Group dynamics and processes, leadership development, organization change, emotional labor, stereotyping in organizations

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Nishita Rai

Interests: Cross-cultural dynamics; organization change and effectiveness


Nick Redding

Interests: Conflict in organizations, leadership complexity and conflict, online communication and collaborative environments
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Joaquin Roca

Interests: Achievement goal orientation; creativity; 360 feedback


Kathryn Roloff


Ling Shen

Interests: Cross-cultural dynamics, team dynamics, leadership development, conflict resolution, organizational behavior, dynamical systems theory

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Brad Smith

Interests: Advanced data analysis and research methods (survey & assessment design, qualitative & quantitative measurement); organizational psychology (employee assessment, engagement measures, performance measures); market research (data-informed insights, business strategy, decision making, cross-functional team systems); leadership studies (selection & development of top performers)

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Rebecca Stilwell

Interests: Fostering creativity and innovation in organizations, change management, organizational culture, and group dynamics

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Naomi Stutzman

Interests: group dynamics, networks, and applied research in varied settings

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Tarani Merriweather Woodson

Interests: Intersectionality; social identity; multiculturalism; stereotype threat; work-life dynamics