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THE ORPHEUS Chamber Orchestra is known for exceptional music in the absence of a conductor.

This shining example of collaboration is one of many used to stimulate discussion and reflection for members of TC’s Summer Principal’s Academy (SPA).

SPA is an advanced degree program for aspiring principals in New York City public schools. Supported by AmeriCorps and Teach for America, it provides subsidies and scholarships to help staff working full-time in diverse and high-need schools to obtain an M.Ed or M.A. degree and School Building Leader Certification.

The schedule, which is designed for full-time employees, involves two intensive six-week courses over the summer and support during the academic year. Due to high demand, this year SPA has doubled its intake to 100 places.

In addition to the program, SPA has recently launched a series of monthly breakfast conferences for past and present members. The artistic director of Orpheus, Ronnie Bauch, and philosopher Maxine Greene have been among the distinguished guest speakers.

SPA’s associate director, Jon Drescher, says: “The purpose of the meetings is to bring together current and former students, staff, coaches and interns to think around a particular theme and share their professional expertise.”

To apply, or for more details, call: (212) 678-3727, or email:

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