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The Art and Art Education Program is excited about its new collaboration with ProjectArt* to develop and offer studio art classes in local libraries throughout the City.  As libraries are increasingly digitizing their holdings, spaces are opening up for the development of new kinds of community activities among which studio art for children and adolescents has captured imaginations.

Twenty (20) first-year MA Initial Certification students will work in pairs to plan and teach classes in ten library settings this spring; we hope that as our collaboration grows we can extend classes to seniors and other community groups that have expressed interest in the work we do. We envision that as part of their learning, these pre-practicum experiences will offer our students practical insights into how different kinds of communities shape the education of youngsters who live within their borders. 

The Art and Art Education Program is one of the oldest in the USA and certainly the most prestigious.  Beyond the work in K-12 art teacher education for which it is well known, it is currently sponsoring cutting edge research in the education of artist/teachers for higher education, for research and practice in creative technologies, and for museum education.  The Program is deeply committed to the concept of STEAM and the integrative possibilities of rich learning when the arts are understood as central to the curriculum.

*ProjectArt is a newly established enterprise designed to bring visual arts experiences to underserved populations of young people in the City.  Working in tandem with libraries, ProjectArt is developing studio-based experiences for young people both in school time and after school.

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