Teaching World Cultures

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Peace Corps Fellows Program

Teaching World Cultures

Ideas for Teaching about Different Cultures and Countries
Lesson plans and ideas about teaching about cultures and countries.

Peace Corps - Teaching About Culture
Various PDFs and links to resource pages on teaching world cultures to students.

First-School Peace Education Lesson Plan
Lesson plans for Peace Education.

Peace Corps Week Website
Check out the official Peace Corps Website for ideas on presentations and lessons.

World Wise Schools
Since 1989, the Coverdell World Wise Schools has helped more than three million U.S. students communicate directly with Peace Corps Volunteers in over 80 countries. Through the exchange of letters, artwork, artifacts, and other educational materials, Peace Corps Volunteers lead your students in an exploration of the countires and cultures of of the world. Teachers enrolled in the correspondence match program automatically receive a correspondence handbook and monthly news briefs. Great resource for curriculum, lesson plans, maps, essays, interviews, photographs, and etc.

Water in Africa
A Creative online learning module featuring standards-based lesson plans revolving around photos and stories submitted by more than 90 Volunteers serving in Africa. It is designed for flexibility, encouraging teachers and students to research information on Africa-related themes, the environment, the uses and availability of water, and the Peace Corps.

Building Bridges
Access to the signature resource of World Wise Schools - Building Bridges: A Peace Corps Classroom Guide to Cross-Cultural Understanding. (for grades 6-12) A great resource for lesson plans to help students familiarize themselves with their own culture and better understanding of other cultures.