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TC Application - Further Info

Teachers College Online Application

Please click here to begin your Teachers College online application, and keep in mind the following when applying:
  • The next Peace Corps Fellows program cycle will begin on January 18th or May 16th, 2014. The term for which you should apply is the "2014 Spring Term" or "2014 Summer Term" depending on whether you are applying for the January start or the May start, respectively. This will not be listed as an option in the TC online application until September 1, 2013.
  • Our program leads to state certification and a Master of Arts degree in one of the following programs (*Per TC policy, you may apply to only one of the listed options):
  • Bilingual/Bicultural Education: grades 1-6 (Code: BILC-TR)
  • Teaching Biology: grades 7-12 (Code: SCIB-TR)
  • Teaching Chemistry: grades 7-12 (Code: SCIC-TR)
  • Teaching Earth Science: grades 7-12 (Code: SCIE-TR)
  • Teaching of English: grades 7-12 (Code: ENGL-TR)
  • Teaching Physics: grades 7-12 (Code: SCIP-TR)
  • Teaching of Social Studies: grades 7-12 (Code: SSTE-TR)
  • Mathematics Education: grades 7-12 (Code: MATH-TR)
  • Intellectual Disability/Autism: grades 1-6 (Code: ITDC-TR)
  • Intellectual Disability/Autism: grades 5-9 (Code: ITDG-TR)
  • On the first page of the online application where it asks for you to indicate the degree and certification option, please select Master of Arts - Transitional B Certification. Where it asks you to indicate if you are applying to a cohort program, please select Peace Corps Fellows. See the image below for an example.

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Learn more about Teachers College and the Peace Corps Fellows program policy on non-discrimination, deferrals, and reapplying.

Application Process
Get tips about how to fill out your application

Interview & School Observations
Find out how the best way to schedule an interview and school observation along with what to expect

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