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Graduate Student Journal of Psychology
Teachers College, Columbia University
Teachers College
Columbia University

GSJP Volumes Archive

GSJP, Volume 7 (2005)

Inside Cover Page: Letter from the Editors and Publication Details


Experiencing Michael: Sullivan's Modes of Sentience (pp. 5-9)
A. Jordan Wright
Teachers College, Columbia University

The Development of Cognitive Vulnerability to Hopelessness Depression (pp. 10-22)
Sabina Sarin, Yale University
John R. Z. Abela, McGill University

The Comparison of Violent Video Games to a Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy Model (pp. 23-28)
Noreen J. Vail-Gondolfo
Hofstra University

Child and Adolescent Depression: Should Antidepressants Be Used in Treatment? (pp. 29-36)
Erica Saypol
Teachers College, Columbia University

A Case Study Illustration of Grief Therapy Using Culturally-Sensitive, Integrative Techniques (pp. 37-45)
Eavan S. Miles-Mason
Fordham University

Learning to Live with Fear: Negotiating Life After a Tsunami Disaster
A first-person account of doing trauma work with the survivors
(pp. 46-50)
Shefali Tsabary
Teachers College, Columbia University