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Open SIPA Courses

The following Spring 2014 courses at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs will be open to Teachers College students as soon as cross-registration becomes available. SIPA courses not listed here are not open to TC registrants, even with instructor's approval. This list is current as of January 29, 2014:

CRN Course Title Requirements
75847 U4410 Political, Social, and Economic Development of Brazil
63005 U4759 Human Rights Practium I
26246 U6018 International Finance and Monetary Policy
77996 U6039 International Banking
77779 U6056 Political Economy and Environment
88441 U6062 Advanced Energy Markets and Innovation Instructor's approval
TBD; contact TC Registrar U6074 Current Issues in Energy Policy Instructor's approval.
61279 U6085 Economic Devpt In Latin
83442 U6123 Immigrants & Immigration
70943 U6139 International Organizatio
73146 U6143 Gender, Globalization and Human Rights
77546 U6161 African Institutions
86046 U6164 Political Economy and Development: Africa and the World Instructor's approval
63246 U6190 Extractive Industries and Sustainable Development Instructor's approval
71050 U6195 Transformation Agriculture Rural Society
72296 U6204 Tech, Development and Knowledge
88196 U6207 International Reporting
27847 U6224 Environmental Data Analysis  
10029 U6228 Corporate Sustainable Development and the Role of Government in Advancing Environmental and Social Performance  
25784 U6230 Economics of Sustainable Development  
60816 U6235 Environmental Finance  
78446 U6237 Implementing Better Health
82296 U6243 Int'L Environmental Polic
78546 U6300 Economics of European Integration  
17146 U6347 US Role in World Affairs II Instructor's approval
27848 U6355 Globalization
69254 U6400 Financing the Green Economy  
19255 U6416 Third World Security Issues  
61780 U6440 Peace Operations in Fragile States Instructor's approval
62451 U6470 Logic of the Weak State
91147 U6497 Human Crises In Congo/Gr
10529 U6535 Geopolitics-Russian Oil & Gas  
74691 U6564 Applied Peace Building Instructor's approval
11896 U6575 Foreign Pol Chal-Amer In
69255 U6604 Applied Econometrics Prerequisite required
93630 U6636 Financial Services of Brazil: Comp
11286 U6649 Nation, State, Ethnicity and Transnational Communities in Insular Southeast Asia  
78746 U6760 Mang Risks-Nat/Other Dis
91197 U8085 Topics in Corporate Finance  
80849 U8104 Role Of Local Fin Sector-
61746 U8150 Econ Transf In New Democr
26030 U8161 Seminar on Law and Econ Civil Society
62779 U8201 Civic Support & Public Ed
22249 U8232 Seminar In Urban Politics
87496 U8237 Housing Policy and Equitable
83029 U8292 ICR Practicum Instructor's approval
13279 U8488 Contemporary Russian Secu
65947 U8560 Managing the UN System
25996 U8564 Culture In Foreign Policy
17347 U8588 Modern Iran: From Monarchy to Islamic Republic  
83279 U8620 Colonialism  
TBD; contact TC Registrar U8621 US-China Negotiation Workshop Instructor's approval
77446 U8689 Global Financial Services in the 21st Century
87396 U8690 Managing Humanitarian Emergencies
25897 U8730 Reforming Legal Systems after Communism in Eastern Europe and Eurasia  
18442 U8755 Ukraine: Power, Politics and Diplomacy  
91246 U8785 Gender, Politics and Development  
23346 U8869 Civil Wars and Peace Settlements  
89029 U8882 Prac-Ed In Emerg,Crises,
18097 U8910 Struggles For Sustainabil
28146 U8912 Tech Innovation/Sustainab

In most cases, TC students may register freely for the above courses via myTC. Standard TC registration deadlines apply. Note that a few of the above courses may require instructor's registration approval. To secure this approval, simply e-mail the SIPA professor and present the return e-mail to the TC Registrar's Office.