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Open SIPA Courses

The following Spring 2015 courses at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs will be open to Teachers College students as soon as cross-registration becomes available. SIPA courses not listed here are not open to TC registrants, even with instructor's approval. This list is current as of January 18, 2015:

Course Title
ENVP U6228 Corporate Sustainable Development and the Role of Government in Advancing Environmental and Social Performance
ENVP U6230 Economics of Sustainable Development
ENVP U6235 Environmental Finance
ENVP U6239 The Politics and Policy of Urban Sustainability
ENVP U6400 Financing the Green Economy: Markets, Business, & Politics
INAF U4410 Political, Social & Economic Development in Brazil II
INAF U4420 Oil, Rights and Development
INAF U4759 Human Rights Practicum
INAF U6001 Colloquium on Technology and the Future of Governance and Public Policy
INAF U6017 International Trade
INAF U6057 Electricity Markets
INAF U6066 Energy and Power Financing Markets
INAF U6076 Energy Management for Public and Private Sector
INAF U6078 Public Sector Energy Innovation
INAF U6085 The Economic Development of Latin America
INAF U6143 Gender, Globalization and Human Rights
INAF U6202 Communications Policy in the Digital Age
INAF U6205 Technopolitics, Democracy and Development
INAF U6221 Navigating by Starlight - the Challenges of Conflict Resolution (Instructor Managed Course)
INAF U6243 International Environmental Policy
INAF U6259 Adaptation to Climate Change
INAF U6347 US Role In World Affairs II (Open to IFP Fellows only)
INAF U6355 Globalization
INAF U6373 Gender Policy Practicum
INAF U6399 Weapons of Mass Destruction
INAF U6371 Globalizing Reproduction: Care, Childbearing and Gender in International Perspective
INAF U6575 The New (and Old) Foreign Policy Challenges in the Americas in the XXI Century
INAF U6636 Banking in Brazil, a Comparative Examination
INAF U6653 Higher Education, Policy and Development in Asia
INAF U6880 Planning U.S. Military Forces
INAF U8095 Corporate Governance & Public Policy
INAF U8150 Economic Transformations in New Democracies
INAF U8161 Economics, Law and Public Policy
INAF U8246 Comparative Development: East Asia and Its Lessons
INAF U8292 International Conflict Resolution Practicum (Instructor Managed Course)
INAF U8566 China's Security and the Peoples' Liberation Army
INAF U8785 Gender, Politics, and Development
INAF U8910 Food, Farming & Famine: Struggles for Sustainability
PUAF U4400 Campaign Management in the United States
PUAF U6190 Extractive Industries and Sustainable Development (Instructor Managed Course)
PUAF U6195 Transformation Through Sustained Agricultural and Rural Development: Policies and Institutions
PUAF U6245 Housing Policy and the City
REGN U6149 Energy, Corporate Responsibility & Human Rights
PUAF U6850 Local & Global Corruption: Maneuvering Toward Good Governance
REGN U6300 The Economics of European Integration
REGN U6647 International Relations of Northeast Asia
REGN U8588 Modern Iran: From Monarchy to Islamic Republic
REGN U8753 International News Reporting in Russia & its Neighbors
REGN U8755 Ukraine: Power Politics & Diplomacy
SDEV U9201 Sustainable Development II
SDEV U9240 Human Ecology and Sustainable Development
SDEV U9270 Complexity Science

In most cases, TC students may register freely for the above courses via myTC. Standard TC registration deadlines apply. Note that a few of the above courses may require instructor's registration approval. To secure this approval, simply e-mail the SIPA professor and present the return e-mail to the TC Registrar's Office.