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Teachers College, Columbia University
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Open SIPA Courses

The following Fall 2014 courses at Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs will be open to Teachers College students as soon as cross-registration becomes available. SIPA courses not listed here are not open to TC registrants, even with instructor's approval. This list is current as of August 12, 2014:

Course Title
ENVP U6233 Environmental Finance Prep
ENVP U6250 Poverty, Inequality, and the Environment
ENVP U6275 GIS for International Studies
INAF U4090 Accountability in Humanitarian Assistance
INAF U6061 Global Energy Policy
INAF U6068 Economic Analysis of Environmental Policies
INAF U6120 Tools and Craft of Multi-Platform Storytelling
INAF U6163 Political Economy of African Development
INAF U6236 History of American Ecology & Environmentalism
INAF U6735 Issues in Rural Development
INAF U8085 Topics in Corporate Finance
INAF U8189 The Politics of History and Reconciliation
INAF U8415 US-Latin American Relations: WWII to Present
INAF U8909 Environment, Conflict & Resolution Strategies
PUAF U6123 Immigration Politics and Policy
REGN U6415 Financial Issues in Latin America
REGN U6535 The Geopolitics of Russian Oil and Gas
REGN U6530 Post-Soviet Russia: Business Practices and Legal Developments
REGN U6545 Human Rights in the Western Balkans
REGN U6639 Gender and Development in Southeast Asia
REGN U6660 Security and International Politics of the Persian Gulf
REGN U6719 Middle East Conflicts and Global Security
REGN U8090 The Transatlantic Economy
REGN U8740 Religions and States: European Legal Perspectives
REGN U8757 Ukrainian Foreign Policy
SDEV U6240 Environmental Science for Sustainable Development

In most cases, TC students may register freely for the above courses via myTC. Standard TC registration deadlines apply. Note that a few of the above courses may require instructor's registration approval. To secure this approval, simply e-mail the SIPA professor and present the return e-mail to the TC Registrar's Office.