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Registrar Office

Office of the Registrar

Request a Room

Room Assignments is currently processing event requests through Fall 2016 semester.

  • Please review the Room Assignments Policy, which outlines rules, general guidelines, and other important information regarding space use at Teachers College.

  • Log onto 25Live to submit a room request. Use your UNI and Password to sign in.

  • All event requests through 25Live will automatically be placed in "Draft (Pending)" status. Once approved, Room Assignments will send a formal e-mail confirmation with event details (PDF file). PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR REFERENCE NUMBER IS NOT A CONFIRMATION.

  • IF YOUR EVENT WILL INVOLVE MINORS YOU MUST INDICATE THIS ON THE REQUEST FORM (by answering "Yes" to the question "PARTICIPANTS UNDER AGE 18?"). You must also contact Andreea Florescu D'Abramo at OSCP and Robert Wilson at Public Safety prior to receiving confirmation from Room Assignments.

  • Providing event details (e.g., description of event and attendees) for your request(s) will help to expedite the review and confirmation process.

  • The 25Live system does not allow for the double-booking of events. If you feel that your event has been double-booked, please recheck your event confirmation. 

  • Room Assignments is not responsible for the contents and materials (e.g., technology and furniture) in the rooms. Please contact the appropriate office if you encounter any issues. 

  • PLEASE DO NOT MOVE FURNITURE IN OR OUT OF ROOMS. All rearrangements to furniture must be approved by Facilities.

  • NOTE: INTERNAL events are hosted by Teachers College primarily for TC faculty, staff and students.

  • NOTE: CO-SPONSORED events are hosted by a Teachers College department, organization or group in conjunction with an affiliated outside organization or group. Requires a co-sponsorship application requested through 25Live.

  • NOTE: EXTERNAL events are hosted by outside organizations to use space at the College and are NOT allowed without Senior Staff approval due to the limited availability of space.

  • 25Live training has been postponed until further notice. Please feel free to download the Quick Guide to 25Live (How to Use 25Live PDF) for room request instructions.

  • ATTENTION DOCTORAL CANDIDATES: To Request a room for your defense, please log on 25Live to submit a room request.  Use your UNI and Password to sign in.  
    • Follow the steps in the EVENT WIZARD TAB.  
    • In the Location section, select "Saved Searches"
    • Then select "Public Searches"
    • Once here, select the desired building to see available rooms.

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