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George C Bond

Professional Background

Educational Background

B.A., Boston University; M.A., Ph.D., London School of Economics

Scholarly Interests

Education and elite formation in the United States and Africa. African studies. African religions and politics. Agrarian transformations. Cultural dimensions of urban and minority populations.

Selected Publications

The Politics of Change in a Zambian Community (Chicago University Press).

African Christianity (Academic Press, co-ed.).

The Social Construction of the Past (Routledge).

AIDS in Africa and the Caribbean (Westview).

Witchcraft Dialogues (Ohio University Press).

Contested Terrains and Constructed Categories (Westview).


active professional organizations

Fellow, Society for Applied Anthropology
Fellow, American Anthropological Association
Member of Social Anthropologists, Great Britain and the Commonwealth
Member of Council on Foreign Relations
President, Association for Africanist Anthropology, American Anthropological Association, 1994-1997

Member, Council, International African Institute, London, England, 1995- Present 


principal publications

(ed.) Globalization and Africa (Special Issue of) Journal of African American History, Spring, 2003

Contested Terrains and Constructed Categories: Contemporary Africa in Focus (ed. with Nigel Gibson) Westview Press, 2002

AIDS in Africa and the Caribbean (ed. with L. Kreniske, I. Susser, and L. Vincent), Westview Press, 1997

The Social Construction of the Past , Routledge, London, 1994

Social Stratification and Education in Africa (Special Issue of) Anthropology and Edcuation Quarterly, Vol. 13, No.3, Fall

African Christianity: Patterns of Religious Continuity in Africa (ed. with W. Johnson and S. Walker), Academic Press, 1979

The Politics of Change in a Zambian Community, Chicago University Press, 1976

office location

375B Grace Dodge Hall

ITSF 4011: Social context of education

The exploration of anthropological and social science concepts for the analysis of educational, cultural, and social institutions, organizations, and processes of different peoples of the world. Four-point enrollment requires attendance at film showings before or after class and additional discussion sessions held at hours to be arranged.

ITSF 4014: Urban situations and education

An introduction to the anthropological study of the sociocultural patterns of populations residing in urban settings, with emphasis on domestic, ethnic, class, and educational relationships.

ITSF 4016: Culture and society in Africa

A general survey of sub-Saharan Africa, using contributions from theoretical approaches to anthropological research in the area. Emphasis on socioeconomic, ideological and religious, educational, and political analysis of African communities.

ITSF 4018: Anthropology and Development in Africa

This seminar considers issues and problems of development in sub-Saharan Africa. It examines specific development projects from different theoretical and empirical perspectives.

ITSF 4902: Research Independent Study:International Transcultural

Research Independent Study:International Transcultural

ITSF 5010: Social organization and comparative institutions

An introduction to selected theories of social organization and their application to the analysis of small-scale society as a background to the analysis of social and educational problems.

ITSF 5011: Process and change in Africa

Anthropological studies of social systems, cultural change, and development. Special emphasis on the role of politics, religion, economics, and education in change processes.

ITSF 5015: Political anthropology: Labor, race, and belief

This course considers the theories and concepts used by anthropologists and other social scientists in the analysis of political behavior and institutions. It emphasizes the comparative study of political systems, movements, and processes within the context of rural and urban situations.

ITSF 5430: Internship

Permission required. Supervised experiences in diverse settings designed to develop skills in research, development, planning, and evaluation.

ITSF 6512: Social theory and structure

Investigation of issues and problems in social theory through the analysis of relevant literature in the social sciences.

ITSF 6513: Topics in anthropology and education: Exploration of a selected topic in anothropology

Permission required. Topics vary each semester and may include any of the following: Cultural analysis, social structure, religion and politics in contemporary Africa, resilience in at-risk populations, anthropology and the law, and world ethnography.

ITSF 6902: Studies in international and transcultural studies

ITSF 6910: Studies in anthropology and education

Advanced students may register for intensive individual study of some aspect of their concentration. Registration is only by permission of the instructor under whose guidance the work will be undertaken. Times for individual conferences will be arranged. Enrollment may be for 1 or more points each term, and registration is not limited to one or two terms.

ITSF 8900: Dissertation advisement in international and transcultural studies

Individual advisement on doctoral dissertations. Fee to equal 3 points at current tuition rate for each term. For requirements, see section in catalog on Continuous Registration for Ed.D./Ph.D. degrees.