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Ronald Knapp

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Adjunct Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University
SUNY Distinguished Professor Emeritus Ron Knapp
Email rk2254@columbia.edu
Personal Link http://www.newpaltz.edu/~knappr

Don't be fooled either by the 'distinguished' or the 'emeritus' in my academic title. I'm still a very much engaged academic who is interested in teaching and learning.

Although I formally 'retired' from full-time teaching at SUNY New Paltz in 2001 after having taught there since 1968, I continue to present curriculum workshops relating to China specifically and East Asia broadly on a regular basis.

Spring 2009 is the 5th year I've taught this course 'East Asia: Geographic Perspectives', which until 2009 had been called 'World History--The Geographic Background' for Teachers College, Columbia University.

My field work in Taiwan goes back to the mid-1960s, thus I've been dealing with East Asia now for forty years. Having lived in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China in addition to lengthy visits to most areas of East, Southeast, and South Asia, I have substantial experience in the areas I teach about.

I travel to Asia at least once each year for research. For my current book, 'Chinese Houses in South East Asia: Eclectic Architecture of Settlers and Sojourners', which will be published in 2010, I made four research trips from late 2007 through late 2008

I regularly present workshops for teachers at China Institute and for the Asia for Educators Program at Columbia University.

A visit to my website, indicated above, gives some indication of my research and writing in recent years.

Please also visit the 'East Asia in Geographic Perspective' link on the Asia for Educators website http://afe.easia.columbia.edu/ I'm responsible for the content on this website.

A&HW 4037: East Asia: Geographic Perspectives

An overview of central themes in the modern history, geography, and culture of China, Japan, and Korea. Offered as online course.