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Public Safety
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Personal Safety - Aggressive Panhandler


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Personal Safety Alert


John DeAngelis <>


05/02/2014 12:50 PM

Dear Members of the Teachers College Community:

We received a number of reports recently of an aggressive panhandler harassing community members, and in two cases grabbing a community member by the arm while soliciting cash. The incidents occurred on West 120th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway, and on Broadway between West 120th Street and West 121st Street. The individual is described as a black male adult, 5’ 7”, medium build, short brown hair, brown eyes, carrying and waving a cane.

If you have had a similar experience with this individual please report that experience to our Office of Public Safety.

If you observe this individual on or near campus please phone the Office of Public Safety via extension 3333, or phone NYPD via 911.

Thank you

John DeAngelis
Director, Office of Public Safety
Teachers College at Columbia University
Internal Mail Box 225
Email to: