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Guides and Tips > Avoiding Theft of Personal Property


Guides and Tips

Avoiding Theft of Personal Property

Theft is the unlawful taking of personal property and is the single most common crime on most college campuses. What can you do to prevent THEFT?  Simply remove the opportunity by following the suggestions below:

  • Lock your doors/windows whenever you leave your room or apartment. 
  • Do not allow unescorted strangers inside your room/apartment. 
  • Be suspicious of unknown persons loitering in the area. 
  • Never leave an exterior door propped open. 
  • Keep a record of your valuables.
  • Avoid keeping handbags under your desk or classroom work table. 
  • Lock your office door if the office is left unattended, even for short periods. 
  • Do not bring large sums of cash to work or school. Carry only the credit cards and identification required. 
  • If you must leave your purse or wallet in your work area, lock it in a locker or desk.  In a classroom, keep it in front of you where you can see it at all times.
  • Do not leave personal property unattended even for a minute. 
  • Report any suspicious persons/activities to library personnel or to the Office of Public Safety. 
  • Keep personal property in view at all times. 
  • Try not to bring valuables with you to the library.