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Student Development and Activities

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Nursing Mothers Room

What is the Nursing Mother’s Room?
The Nursing Mother’s Room is a clean, private place where nursing employees and students can relax enough to express milk. The milk is then stored (elsewhere) and taken home for use when a mother is away from her baby. The room is private and dedicated only to lactation so it does not compete with other work functions or schedules.

Who can use the room?
The room is available to any Teachers College employee or student who is nursing. Consideration of availability is given to guests as needed.

What does the room provide?
The room is accessible only through a security code provided by the Office of Human Resources. It is a secure location with chairs, a table, an electrical outlet, a sink, and proper cleaning supplies. Refrigeration is not provided in the room, so please prepare to store your breast milk as needed.

How can I start using the room?
Please visit the Human Resources Office in 120 Whittier or contact your HR Generalist to register and submit your schedule.

Where is the Nursing Mother’s Room located?
The Nursing Mother’s Room is located on the first floor of Thompson Hall in 139A. This is just west of the Student Accounts and Financial Aid Offices.


1. The Nursing Mother’s Room may be used by Teachers College employees, students, contractors or visitors. Registration with the Human Resources Office (112 Zankel Building) is required to use the room on an ongoing basis.

2. The person whose name appears on the schedule at a designated time has priority to use the room at that time. If you need to see when the room is available, or would like to be added to the schedule, please contact Human Resources.

3. Human Resources will maintain the schedule and will inform registered participants of any scheduling concerns.

4. If you use the Nursing Mother’s Room, it is your responsibility to keep yourself on schedule and notify Human Resources of any changes in your schedule and/or discontinuation of the room. Please contact Human Resources if you plan to be on vacation, or out for an extended period of time.

5. Please make arrangements in advance if you intend on being out for an extended period of time. If arrangements are not made and absences continue for a duration, your time slot will be allocated to someone else wishing to use the room at that time.

6. Abuse of the Nursing Mother’s Room will suspend your right to use it and may result in disciplinary action.

7. It is the responsibility of everyone using the Nursing Mother’s Room to clean up after themselves. This is not only out of respect for the next user, but to prevent contamination and illness transmission. Recommendations can be made to the Human Resources Office.

8. Please slide the sign on the door to IN USE to alert others the room is in use and VACANT when you leave the room unoccupied. Please be in habit of knocking to respect the privacy of others regardless of the sign on the door. Do not prop open the door at any time.

Click here to download the registration form for the Nursing Mothers Room.