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Are you in Dissertation Advisement?

All students enrolled in Dissertation Advisement courses (8900 level courses) must communicate their enrollment to the Office of Financial Aid as soon as possible using a Repackaging Form.

Students in Dissertation Advisement are only charged for three credits' worth of tuition per semester, therefore an adjustment based on your enrollment status must be made to your financial aid budget. When your enrollment changes, your financial aid budget must be changed accordingly. Any alteration to your enrollment (including being enrolled in Dissertation Advisement) could affect the amount of aid you are able to receive. This is why we must be notified of your enrollment status; it will prevent you from borrowing more aid than is permitted and will reduce the likelihood that you will have to return loan funds to which you are not entitled.

Note for students who have a scholarship: If you are enrolled in Dissertation Advisement and have a combination of billable credit hours and Certificates of Equivalency (COEs), you are still able to use your scholarship. However, you can only use the scholarship points for the billable credit hours that come from being enrolled in Dissertation Advisement. Your scholarship will not pay for the COEs because they are not billable credit hours; you do not pay for them.

If you are in your last two semesters of doctoral work, you should consider applying for grant-in-aid.