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Student Employment

Types of Student Employment

There are various types/classifications of student employment at Teachers College.  Most of these positions are offered primarily through the departments and offices at TC and are not regulated through the Office of Financial Aid, except Federal work study and non-administrative graduate assistantships.  The Office of Financial Aid is not involved in placement for any student positions.

Student Appointments with Academic Points:
1) Graduate Research Assistant (RA)*
2) Graduate Teaching Assistant (TA)*
3) Doctoral Research Fellow (DRF)*
4) Administrative Fellow (AF)
*The benefits on these positions are administered through the Office of Financial Aid.  Please check the graduate assistantship section for more details.
Student Appointments without Academic Points:
1) Course Assistant (CA)
2) Federal work study*
*The benefits on this position is administered through the Office of Financial Aid. Please check the work study section for more details.
Part-time employment (governed by Human Resources Office policies):
1) Interim Employee
2) Part-time Professional (PTP)
3) Part-time Instructor (PTI)
The hiring process for any position is organized through the specific office or department looking to hire, and not through the Office of Financial Aid.  The supervisor or hiring manager will provide the details of the appointment when you have been hired.  

**Limit on workable hours based on enrollment**
Full-time students (at least 12 billable credits) CANNOT work for more than 20 hours per week in Fall and Spring, and no more than 25 hours per week in Summer.
**Limit on workable hours per week** - Effective as of Fall 2014!
All part-time employees, which includes student employees, are required to ensure they do not exceed 27 hours per week, on average, for ALL part-time jobs combined. 
For example, if you are hired for a work study job for the year that expects you to work 10 hours per week, you can take on another part-time employment position(s) to work the other total of 17 hours per week to stay within limit.
Note: Since work study students are allowed to work 30 hours per week only during break periods, the average hours per week will still meet this policy requirement for those working under work study alone.
How to find a student position?
1) Check the HR portal ("student positions" and "temporary positions" sections) for recent postings.
2) Check the "Job Opportunities" section of the TC Portal 'Message Center'.
3) Look for job flyers around campus.
4) Speak with your program coordinator and/or department/office personnel/staff/faculty about possible openings that may not be publicized.
5) Attend the annual Part-Time Job Fair event organized in September by the Office of Student Activities and be prepared to submit resumes and do on-the-spot interviews.