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Connecting Advances in Learning Research and Teacher Practice: A Conference about Teacher Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Gary Natriello

Ruth L. Gottesman Prof. in Educ. Research and - Ruth L. Gottesman Professor of Educational Research - Professor of Sociology and Education - Executive Editor of the Teachers College Record - Director of the Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College, Teachers College, Columbia University

Gary nGary Natriello is the Gottesman Professor of Educational Research and Professor of Sociology and Education in the Department of Human Development at Teachers College, Columbia University.  Professor Natriello teaches graduate courses in the social organization of schools and classrooms, the social dimensions of assessment processes, the sociology of online learning, and research methods. 

Professor Natriello is the Director of the Teachers College EdLab, a design and development unit devoted to creating new educational possibilities for the information age.  Professor Natriello is the executive editor of the Teachers College Record and the Director of the Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College.

Professor Natriello holds an A.B. (English) from Princeton University, an A.M. (sociology) from Stanford University, and a Ph.D. (sociology of education) from Stanford University.  He has also been a post-doctoral fellow in the NIMH Program in Structurally Induced Social Problems and Mental Health in the Department of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University.

Professor Natriello's research interests include school organization, evaluation, at-risk youth, and the sociology of online learning.  Professor Natriello is the author of several books, including Schooling Disadvantaged Children:  Racing Against Catastrophe (with E.L. McDill and A.M. Pallas) and From Cashbox to Classroom (with W. Firestone and M. Goertz). Recent articles include:  The History and Promise of Assessment and Accountability in Title I (with E.L. McDill), Vouchers, Privatization and the Poor, Title I: From Funding Mechanism to Educational Program (with E.L. McDill), The Development and Impact of High Stakes Testing (with A.M. Pallas), Bridging the Second Digital Divide:  What Can Sociologists of Education Contribute?, Data Mining Journals and Books:  Using the Science of Networks to Uncover the Structure of the Educational Research Community, and Modest Changes, Revolutionary Possibilities:  Distance Learning and the Future of Education.

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