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Connecting Advances in Learning Research and Teacher Practice: A Conference about Teacher Education
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Susan R. Goldman

Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Psychology and Education, University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. Susan R. Goldman’s current research activities focus on the psychological processes involved in how people understand and learn from text, discourse, multimedia, and conversation (face to face and online). The multimedia and text research examine learning from single and multiple sources presented in traditional print media or in electronic media (e.g., hypertext). Her work on conversations focuses on those that occur in teaching and learning events that occur in classrooms, workshops, seminars, or on-line electronic forums. Of particular interest are the strategies people have access to, the circumstances in which they use them, and the psychological processes that produce flexible and adaptive learning. Dr. Goldman examines these processes in individuals (children and adults) working alone or in small groups in various content areas such as literature, science, social sciences, and mathematics. Discourse analysis methods play an important role in her research. She has been applying and adapting various techniques to the analysis of classroom interactions and discussions that take place in face-to-face and computer-based forums and conferencing systems.

A second important focus of Dr. Goldman’s research is on new assessment models that can inform decision-making during learning and instruction processes. These new models contrast with most current assessments that are targeted at the end result of the process. The work on assessment is related to Dr. Goldman’s interests in collaborating with educational practitioners on school-based educational reform efforts. In her previous position at the Learning Technology Center of Vanderbilt University, she was part of a team of researchers working with teachers to rethink their views of student learning, instructional practices, curricular materials, and roles for technology in supporting teaching and learning. In her current position at the University of Illinois at Chicago, she is co-directing the Center for the Study of Learning, Instruction, and Teacher Development. The Center provides a context for continuing work on teacher professional development and student learning and initiating work on teacher preparation. A key question in these activities is the role of electronic technologies in supporting teaching, learning, and assessment.

Dr. Goldman received her Ph.D. in cognitive experimental psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and Learning Research and Development Center in 1978 with a specialization in psycholinguistics. She served as an assistant professor at Emory University (1978-79), and as assistant and associate professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara (1979-89). She joined the Vanderbilt University faculty in 1989 as Professor of Psychology, Peabody College and Co-Director of the Learning Technology Center (1989 - 2000). In 2001, Dr. Goldman became a Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). She is affiliated with the Cognitive Division of the Psychology Department and the Educational Psychology program in the College of Education. In addition, she is co-director of the new UIC multidisciplinary Center for the Study of Learning, Instruction, and Teacher Development

Dr. Goldman is the current Chair of the Governing Board of the Society for Text and Discourse, an international, multidisciplinary group of scholars, researchers, and educators. In that role she has major responsibility for overseeing the activities of the organization, especially its annual meeting. She also organizes the Winter Conference on Discourse, Text, and Cognition, held each January. Dr. Goldman is an active member of the American Educational Research Association. She began a two-year term as Vice-President for Division C:Learning and Instruction, in April, 2000. She served as the Program Chair for Division C for the 1996 convention. For the 1995 meeting, she co-chaired Division C, Section 7, Technology for Learning and Instruction. She also served as the chair person (1990 to 1996) of the Special Interest Group Text, Technology, and LearningStrategies.  Professor Goldman was a member of the AERA Committee on Government and Professional Liaison for a three year term (1986-89).

Dr.Goldman serves on the editorial boards of a number of journals concerned with education, learning, or discourse, including Learning and Instruction, Cognition & Instruction, and Educational Psychology Review.  Currently, she is associate editor of the journal of the Society for Text and Discourse, Discourse Processes.  She frequently reviews proposals submitted to the National Science Foundation and the Department of Education.

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