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Being Greene

Michael Gillespie
Ed.D., Interdisciplinary Studies in Education ‘83
M.A., Higher Education Administration ‘80

I was 28 when I entered TC and was blessed to study with three of the greatest minds during my time there---the incomparable historian, Lawrence Cremin, also my advisor; Phil Phenix, an incredible epistemologist; and the phenomenal Maxine Greene, who also selected me to study with her at the Lincoln Center Institute. 

These three giants opened my mind to the endless possibilities of the educator I would become, and indeed, aspired to be throughout the long career ahead of me. Their inspiration has sustained me for more than 30 years.  "Being Greene" has special meaning for me because I have felt great affinity to Maxine's teachings which value the arts and the social imagination.

As one of the two academic deans at the Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY, I work daily to ensure quality educational programs for over 22,000 students each semester.  Because of TC, not only have I been provided the appropriate leadership skills, but also I am able to appreciate the "big picture" of education--in historical, philosophical and ongoing pedagogical contexts.  Teachers College has given me so much.  I am proud to be able to give back, especially through the Maxine Greene Society.


Anne Rothstein
Ed.D., Physical Education '70
M.A., Physical Education '65

Maxine Greene is an icon. She has defined and shaped aesthetic education through her writing, speaking and salons. She continues to inspire through her spirit and intelligence. I am thrilled be associated through TC with her efforts.

 I give to TC because I believe in education and I appreciate the professors who gave so freely of their time, knowledge and insights to prepare me for the professional life I have enjoyed.  My advisor and mentor, Ann Gentile, was a hard taskmaster and demanded our best at all times. Her intelligence and approach to research was extraordinary and challenged me to think, develop strong beliefs about research and education, and give back to my profession. TC, Ann Gentile and Lawrence Locke inspired me to become a “translator of research into practice” when they invited me to participate in a federally funded doctoral program. I created, edited and published a newsletter, “Bridging the Gap,” designed to translate research into practice for physical educators. This publication eventually became “Motor Skills: Theory into Practice,” which I conceptualized, developed, edited and published for nine years. Ann’s approach to statistics also inspired me to write a book, Research Design and Statistics for Physical Education, which was published in 1985 and is still available. 

In addition to TC’s stellar faculty and extensive resources, I treasured the freedom to explore, think critically, be supported, engage in debates about teaching and learning, and conduct research.  TC is a distinguished institution that provides support to schools and provides individuals with the tools to improve education for all. And I feel that it is my obligation to support educational institutions that have made a difference in my life.

When I first began at TC, in 1964, I had the opportunity to take a position at Hunter College in The Bronx, which was dedicated as Lehman College in 1968. I am now completing my 48th year there with no thought of retirement. I began my career at Lehman in the department of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, was elected Department Chair, and subsequently was appointed Associate Dean of Education. I established the Lehman Center for School/College Collaboratives in 1985. I was the Center Director, Grant Writer and Program Director from 1985 until 2010 and now serve as the founding director and grant specialist. My current academic appointment is as Professor of Early Childhood and Childhood Education.

As the director of the Center and now as grants specialist I conceptualize and prepare grant proposals to support our extensive programs with Bronx schools. Since 1985, I have secured more than $300,000,000 in grants funding.  I am currently writing a book Grant Writing: A Process Approach due to be published in early 2012, which shares my approach to successful grant preparation.

I have lived in Newtown, CT since 1976 and commute to Lehman at least four days per week. My family is comprised of my life partner and our standard poodles and kitties. One of my major loves is musical theater and being a producing partner at the Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, CT.