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Swallowing, Voice and Neuroimaging Laboratory
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Dysphagia Telepractice

The high prevalence of swallowing disorders in adult and pediatric populations and the variable dysphagia expertise available within the US and globally has created an increased need to develop comprehensive dysphagia telepractice programs led by experts. Such programs will allow thorough evaluation procedures and treatment delivery paradigms for those patients with swallowing disorders who live in underserved communities or for patients who are so complex that require expert involvement that is not widely available.

Our team has been involved in dysphagia telepractice research and clinical practice since 2008 and has led the first efforts to establish evidence-based practice in this area of speech language pathology in the US (Malandraki et al., 2011 Malandraki et al., 2012; Malandraki et al., 2013)

The telepractice program developed as part of DRC includes a dedicated Telepractice Suite that houses the relevant software and hardware systems.

Technological applications consist of a Windows-based personal computer (Dell, RAM: 3.25 GB, 3.00 GHz Core Duo Processor) connected to a 37-inch monitor (Samsung TV monitor, 1080 p LCD HDTV), external speakers, a stand-alone microphone and an external web-camera (Logitech Webcam C930, HD 1080p). Internet connection is achieved via a high-speed wired connection.

The teledynamic software used for the telepractice sessions follows HIPAA regulations. Patients are fully informed through an informed consent process about the exact use of the technology selected, the benefits of this type of treatment delivery via telemedicine as well as all potential risks related to their privacy and confidentiality, and about all measurements taken to decrease these risks.

Telepractice services are offered as part of the DRC, or as part of one of our treatment research studies.

To be considered a candidate for telepractice services, minimum requirements include:

  • having a fast internet connection (this is tested prior to initiation of services) [required]
  • download a specialized software (sent to you) to your personal computer [required]
  • have an external camera connected to your computer [highly recommended]
  • have an external microphone connected to your computer [highly recommended]
  • reside in the states of New York, New Jersey or Wisconsin OR be eligible for one of our research protocols involving telepractice [one of the two is required]

Teleconsultation to clinicians is also offered via DRC.

To inquire more about our Dysphagia Telepractice Program please email us: