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Dysphagia Clinic Course

BBSQ 5131 Dysphagia Clinic

This clinical course is part of the Dysphagia Clinic and aims to offer hands-on experience in the development and implementation of assessment and intervention plans for adults and children with swallowing disorders.

Students participate in detailed discussions about each patient’s case history, and under supervision by the Professor, they complete a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment plan.

The course provides hands-on experience on observing and interpreting FEES, on performing clinical evaluation procedures and designing treatment plans. Students are also required to follow patients for a few weeks of treatment and to design a home-based swallowing treatment program. All students have to collect data and complete at least one case study assignment by the end of the course. The students also earn clinical hours during this course.

Guest lecturers in this course include: Dr. Chandra Ivey, MD, and Mr. Winston Cheng, CCC-SLP, from Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. Ms. Elise Wagner, CCC-SLP is also involved in organizational aspects of the course. The Dysphagia Research Clinic is open throughout the year.