one act opera

Duration: 16 minutes

Convery Writes:

I, with Corradina Caporello, have made an Italian version of the opera which will be performed at the FESTIVAL DEI DUE MONDI in Spoleto, Italy in the summer of 1992. This performance will be in the orchestrated version as well.(11 instruments) the original version of THE BLANKET is for violin,cello and piano. THE BLANKET has two accompanying opera(Works-in-progress) to make a children's Trilogy. These two operas are called THE OWL AND THE NIGHTINGALE and MISS BRILL. The libretto for THE OWL AND THE NIGHTINGALE comes from a 12th c. english poem. The libretto for MISS BRILL is adapted from the short story by Katherine Mansfield. The reason for putting these three stories together is that each teaches a very important human lesson with humor, and in terms that relate to all ages,even though readily communicated to children.