Poets to come
The song presented here was the third of four invocations commissioned from Convery by Teachers College, Columbia University over the 1989-99 decade. Each was performed as the opening act of a doctoral commencement, a ceremony held annually in May, at the Riverside Church, in New York City. Using Walt Whitman's poem of the same name as the text, Convery scored Poets to come for baritone voice, violin, and piano. It was the third invocation commissioned and was premiered at Riverside Church, on May xx, 1998 by Robert P. Taylor, baritone, Yoon-il Auh, violin, and Mi-Jung Im, piano. Their performance as included here was recorded in August of the same year. One page of the score, from the middle section of the song, can be also viewed to get a sense of Convery's scoring.

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