Robert Convery



Boosey and Hawks:

Five Madrigals(Shakespeare)SATB a cappella
Silent Night arrangement for choir and harp
Song for St.Cecilia for Double Choruses SATB a cappella
This Day Our Saviour Christ Was Born choir and organ
Five Madrigals(Shakespeare)SATB a cappella


Other Works:


Requiem Lullaby in the Time of AIDS for soprano solo, choir, oboe and piano (R.Walters)
Springsong of the Earth for choir and flute (James Joyce)
Five Carols of the Nativity for choir and string orchestra
Voyages for SATB a cappella (Hart Crane)
Israfel for soprano solo, choir and oboe (Edgar Allan Poe)
The Nativity of Our Lord for choir, viola and harp (Christopher Smart)
Songs of Children for choir,violin,viola,cello and piano (Poems from Terezin)
Virtues for four choirs,flute,english horn,bassoon,harpsichord and strings (B. Franklin)
Canticle of the Creatures for choir,winds,brass and harp (St.Francis of Assisi)
Hippos and Birds for Baritone and mezzo-soprano solos,choir,flute,violin,cello and harpsichord (R.Whitman,T.S.Eliot,Wheelock,Roethke)
Daughters of Nantucket for four soprano solos,five mezzo-soprano solos,choir and piano (solos are drawn from the choir)(Nantucket sampler poetry)
I Have a Dream for baritone solo,choir and string orchestra (Martin Luther King, Jr.)
The Unknown Region for mezzo-soprano, choir and orchestra (Walt Whitman)
To the One of Fictive Music for choir, vln,vla,vlc and piano (Wallace Stevens)
SKY, for choir and Orchestra (S.J.Bowers)
Search, for choir and piano (Langston Hughes)


Mish Nash Madrigals(six poems by Ogden Nash) SATB a cappella
Five Madrigals(Shakespeare)(Boosey&Hawkes,lnc.) SATB a cappella
The Burning Babe(Southwell) SATB a cappella
El Dorado(Poe) SATB a cappella
The Custard(Herrick) SATB a cappella
Rub-a-Dub-Dub(anon.18th c.) SATB a cappella
The Lamb(Blake) SATB a cappella
Weep You No More Sad Fountains(anon.17th c.)2 countertenors,TTBB a cappella


Silence and Stealth of Days(Vaughan) TTBB a Cappella
Sing Now the Future (Walters) SATB and organ
Ave Maria SATB a cappella
The Snowman (W.H.Auden) SATB a cappella
Sweet Spirit (Samuel Taylor Coleridge) SATB and keyboard
The Mild Mother (anonymous 15 c.) SATB and organ
To Finde God (Robert Herrick) SATB and organ


While All Things were in Quiet Silence SATB a cappella
Three Romansch Carols for choir and organ
Silent Night arrangement for choir and harp(Boosey&Hawkes,Inc.)
Journey to the Manger three carols for soprano solo,choir,flute and harp
This Day Our Saviour Christ Was Born choir and organ(Boosey&Hawkes,Inc.)
Carol for TTBB (Thomas Merton)
The Nativity of Our Lord (see CANTATAS)
Five Carols of the Nativity (see CANTATAS)


Variations and Fugue
Lyric Essay
Elegy for Strings
The Dying Swan (soprano solo and strings)
Organ Concerto
Scandia Suite


Piano Sonatina
String Quartet No.l
Berceuse for Doublebass and piano
Sister Jessie for soprano solo, Doublebass and marimba
Marendaz Madrigal for vln,vla,vlc,fl,ob, and harp
Prelude and Fugue for flute and piano
Spender Canticle for baritone, oboe and organ
Three Hymns for harp and organ
Ground for Black Sheep for vln,vlc and piano

Other Works

MASS for choir and organ(orchestrated for brass,harp and strings)
Nine Canticles and Responses for choir and organ
Song for St.Cecilia for Double Choruses SATB a cappella(Boosey&Hawkes,Inc.)
Song of Praise for choir,trumpet in C and organ
Welcome All Wonders SATB and organ
Sephardic Love Songs for baritone, choir, flute and guitar
Litany for choir and organ
Here is Our Witness for SATB solos, choir and orchestra
Baptism Blessing I, for SATB a cappella
Baptism Blessing Il, for SATB a cappella
Night Song for SATB a cappella


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