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Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL)
Teachers College, Columbia University
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Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL)

In the Department of Arts & Humanities

Program Policies

Program Policies

TCSOL Program Certificates

Students who successfully complete the program of study, which entails earning a minimum of B- for every course taken in both the Fall and Spring semesters, will receive a Certificate of Completion. The following provisions shall, otherwise, apply:
  • If a student misses three sessions throughout the academic year, or less than three but does not perform satisfactorily in one or more courses, s/he will receive a Certificate of Attendance.
  • If a student misses four or more sessions throughout the academic year, s/he will NOT receive any type of certificate.
  • If a student misses the first two sessions of the program due to delays in obtaining an entry visa, s/he must make up for those sessions in the following academic year, and only thereafter will s/he be awarded a Certificate of Completion or a Certificate of Attendance, depending on his/her performance.

TCSOL Program Policy on Plagiarism

Plagiarism in any form, including copying from the Internet, is strictly prohibited. Individuals who plagiarize will face disciplinary action including a warning from the instructor and a substantial grade reduction. Repeated offenses will lead to expulsion from the program.

Credit Transfer Policy

Graduates from the TCSOL (Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate Program can transfer the equivalent of six credits into their subsequent study in the Master's program of Applied Linguistics or Bilingual Education at Teachers College, should they be subsequently accepted into either program.