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School Building Leader (SBL) Certification

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School Building Leader (SBL) Certification

The program in Education Leadership with a concentration in Public School and School District Leadership leads to New York State certification as School Building Leader/SBL (for master's graduates) and as School District Leader/SDL (for doctoral graduates). Students are eligible for certification upon completion of all program/degree requirements and satisfaction of all other certification requirements.



NYSTCE (New York State Teacher Certification Examination):

Applicants for New York State teacher certification are required to take the NYSTCE:

  • Liberal Arts and Science Test (LAST),
  • Assessment of Teaching Skills - Written (ATS-W), and
  • Content Speciality Test (CST) - Several subject areas require more than one CST.

    Registration booklets for exams are available on-line. In addition, test preparation guides are available at our office, Zankel Hall 411 (for Teachers College students ONLY).

    Please note that exams are not given on a monthly basis.

    For sample test questions and further information, go to

  • Public School Building Leadership
    & Public School District Leadership
    program completers must take the NYSTCE School Leadership Assesments.

    SBL - Verification of Experience Form

     Classroom teaching experience includes experience earned in a public or approved nonpublic preschool or elementary, middle, or secondary school as well as in-state & out-of-state- experience.

    Claimed experience may be in any grade or subject.

    Experience that is not full time may be credited on a prorated basis.

    Teaching assistant experience is not applicable to this requirement.

    Teachers working as substitutes in numerous districts may wish to have each district verify the experience

    SBL - Reciprocity

    Completion of New York certification requirements and Teachers College programs does not automatically translate into certification or licensure in other states.

    If you plan on seeking certification outside of New York State, it will be to your advantage to investigate certification requirements for that state. While there is reciprocity between New York and many other states, there may be additional courses and exams required by the state where you seek certification. In most states, applicants may be issued a temporary license for one to two years, during which additional requirements must be completed.

    More information can be found by contacting the State Department of Education or visiting the website of the state in which you are interested.

    Please note, individual state requirements and contact information are subject to change.

    For information regarding interstate agreement for Applicants from Other States, please click here.
    For Information regarding the Department of Education in other states, kindly follow the links provided.

    Completed IRDF's must be returned to the Office of Teacher Education & School-Based Support Services with all required documentation.
    Public School Building Leadership & Public School District Leadership
    program completers must take the NYSTCE School Leadership Assesments.
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    For recent Certification changes please click here.