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About Teachers College

Teachers College, Columbia University is an institution with a rich and distinguished record in the field of education. Since its founding in 1887, the College has anticipated concerns and acted with initiatives to advance educational reforms and issues. With its tradition of innovation and insights, the College is one of the leading schools of graduate education in the country, if not the world, embracing three fields: education, psychology and health.

More than Its Name Implies

Teachers College offers more than 90 programs of study in a wide range of fields.

Our graduates go on to pursue careers in fields such as:

  • Art and Music Education and Arts Administration
  • Communication, Computing and Technology in Education
  • Curriculum and Teaching
  • Education Policy, Administration and Leadership
  • Health and Behavior Studies
  • International and Transcultural Education
  • Mathematics, Science and Technology
  • Psychology
  • Teacher Education

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Hannah Toporovsky:

Agnes Freulich

Educational Leadership

Master's student Hannah Toporovsky felt drawn to Teachers College right from the start. "I chose to come to TC because I read the mission statement about why the school began," Toporovsky says. "They are dedicated to urban schools, particularly minority and low-income children. I've always been a person who's been very involved in social justice."

This sense of commitment and calling has further cemented her goal of becoming a researcher at an educational think tank. Hannah views educational policy as a social engine for justice that can enable all children to have an equal opportunity to learn. Her favorite class thus far has been the Federal Policy Institute. She traveled to Washington D.C. to see first-hand the relationship between policy makers and researchers. Upon graduation, her goal is to improve the relationship between both groups.