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Online Course > Online Course for Preventing Workplace Harassment

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Online Course

Online Course for Preventing Workplace Harassment

ANNOUNCEMENT:Teachers College Online Course for Preventing Workplace Harassment  (Download)
United Educators Preventing Workplace Harassment -- Online Course

Learn how to recognize and prevent unlawful harassment at educational institutions, and discover who is protected. This course takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Due to the April 4, 2011, changes in federal guidance, anyone who is paid by Teachers College --- ALL faculty, full and part-time instructional and professional staff, union members, graduate, research, teaching, course and resident assistants and interim employees --- must complete harassment prevention education and are required to take one of the three online courses listed below.

    • Staff
    • Supervisors 
    • Faculty Who Supervise (Please Note: All Faculty will take the course Faculty Who Supervise.)

Once completed, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” for the course (there is no examination or grade).

United Educators (UE) Online Course Instructions:

To access the courses: 
1.     Sign into the myTC portal.
2.     Once you have signed into the myTC portal, choose the tab along the top labelled "Online Workshops."

3.     In the "Preventing Harassment Professional Development" channel, follow the instructions and take the course based on your role.  For example, you will see four categories --- Staff, Faculty, Supervisors, and Faculty Who Supervise
(IMPORTANT NOTE:  All faculty will take the course labelled Faculty Who Supervise.)  When you Start the Course, you will be linked to the United Educators page.  Under New! Higher Education, select the appropriate role.

4.    Begin the course with Module 1: Introduction.  Click and follow the program.  Listen and read carefully to move through the course.  Continue until you have taken Modules 1-5 and completed the entire course.  You will receive your Certificate of Completion!