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Lucy M Calkins

Professional Background

Educational Background

B.A. in Liberal Arts, Williams College; M.A. and Certification in the Teaching of Reading, University of Hartford; Ph.D. in English Education, New York University.
Dissertation published as Lessons from a Child, 1983.

Scholarly Interests

Teaching of reading and writing. Staff development and school reform.

Selected Publications

Pathways to the Common Core (Heinemann)

Units of Study for Teaching Reading, Grades 3-5, with TCRWP colleagues (Heinemann)

A Quick Guide to Teaching Second-Grade Writers with Units of Study (Heinemann)

A Principal's Guide to Leadership in the Teaching of Writing, with Laurie Pessah (Heinemann)

Units of Study for Teaching Writing Grades 3-5 (Heinemann).

One to One: The Art of Conferring with Young Writers (Heinemann).

Units of Study for Primary Writing: A Yearlong Curriculum

The Art of Teaching Reading (Allyn & Bacon). 

The Art of Teaching Writing (Heinemann).

Lessons From a Child (Heinemann).

A Teacher's Guide to Standardized Reading Tests: Knowledge is Power (Heinemann).

Raising Lifelong Learners: A Parent's Guide (Perseus).

Living Between the Lines (Heinemann).

C&T 4132: Language and teaching in the primary reading/writing classroom

Professors Calkins, Siegel, and Souto-Manning. Permission required. Examines principles of literacy learning in young children and introduces theories, practices, and materials for teaching reading/writing in primary grades in diverse settings.

C&T 4133: Learning and teaching in the intermediate reading/writing classroom

Permission required. Examines strategies for teaching, organizing, and assessing reading, writing, and speaking in intermediate grades.

C&T 4900: Research and independent study: Curriculum and teaching

Masters degree students undertake research and independent study under the direction of a faculty member.

C&T 6400: Internship program in curriculum research

Permission required. Firsthand experience in a center where curriculum research is in progress.

C&T 6900: Directed research and theory development in curriculum and teaching

Permission required.

C&T 8900: Dissertation advisement in curriculum and teaching

Individual advisement on doctoral dissertations. Fee to equal 3 points at current tuition rate for each term. For requirements, see section in catalog on Continuous Registration for Ed.D. degree.

Centers and Projects

Reading and Writing Project

The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project is a staff development organization that works in intimate and long-lasting ways with communities of educators in the New York City metropolitan area and also provides more limited assistance to educators in schools from all over the United States. Currently the Project serves over 100 schools.
For two decades, the Project has supported educators establishing reading and writing workshops in which teachers act as mentors and coaches to children. Project staff and teachers become co-researchers, observing what children do in writing and reading, theorizing about what their behaviors mean, and planning teaching moves to help them learn. To nurture this school-based work, Project staff meet at the College with educators from Project-schools: Each week over 100 teachers gather in study groups focusing on becoming teacher-leaders in workshop teaching, and each month over 100 principals gather focusing on the problems, challenges, and opportunities of being a school leader in literacy education.
The Project's school-based consulting, study groups, and think-tanks are complemented by an array of other professional education opportunities at the College. Throughout the year, thousands of teachers attend sixty full-day Project-run conferences providing information and insight about how to structure and sustain high quality literacy education. Every summer, three thousand teachers attend one of several week-long Project Institutes which include keynote addresses, small groups study, and interactive discussion groups.
The Project was founded and is directed by Lucy McCormick Calkins, Professor of Education.

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