Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Please review the Terms and Conditions for Scholarships and Stipends for the TC Scholarship, Margaret Mead Fellowship, and other scholarships, including the Department General Fund, Department Supplemental Fund, Department Minority Scholar, and Department International Scholar. Please be aware that the TC Scholarship and the Margaret Mead Fellowship are non-renewable awards and are awarded to first-year students only.
  • Scholarship points are not transferable from one academic year to the next, and the awards are not guaranteed to renew.
  • In most cases, you are able to adjust your scholarship award(s) to disburse in a way that better matches your enrollment for the year. You must specify the semester and the amount that pertains to your request to the Office of Financial Aid.
  • TC institutional funding is not guaranteed; applications submitted for review will be considered and selected candidates will be notified.  Students are expected to only consider funds as part of their resources towards the balance if they have been awarded.  The timeline for the review process of an application cannot be expedited; therefore, students should not hold off on making their payments to Bursar according to their payment deadlines.
  • The Department Minority Scholar fund seeks to promote the enrollment of a diverse student body at the College, including individuals from historically underrepresented groups. ​To be eligible,​ ​students must be U.​S. citizens or permanent residents and must complete the TC ​Scholarship ​Application at the time of admission.​ ​In making awards under this program, consideration will be given to all students who have self-identified on the TC Scholarship Application​​ either,​ as members of an underrepresented U​.​S​.​ ethnic minority group, as individuals with disabilities, or as​ a​ first-generation college student.​ ​The academic program faculty scholarship committees​ ​which make these awards ​will ​also take into consideration a range of other factors related to the enrollment of a diverse student body at the College, including geographic origin, socioeconomic status (e.g., evidence of social and economic disadvantage), and family and educational background (e.g. first-generation college, enrollment at a historically minority-serving institution, etc.).


New students: In order to be considered for a scholarship at Teachers College, you must complete the scholarship section of your application for admission. While completing your application for admission, you will be asked if you are interested in receiving scholarships at Teachers College. If you click "Yes", you will be prompted to answer a series of merit-based questions, which serve as your scholarship application. Students need to apply for scholarships only once per degree program. To receive priority consideration for scholarships, new students must complete their admissions application by the priority deadlines.

Returning Students: If you are a continuing student, your scholarship application will remain active and no additional applications are necessary.

International Students: International students are eligible for all sources of institutional scholarship aid, except where restrictions exist (i.e., minority scholarships). International students will be considered for institutional scholarships at Teachers College by completing the scholarship section of your application for admissions. You will be considered for several types of scholarships, including the Teachers College International Scholarship.

Deferred Admissions: If you deferred admission but already completed a scholarship application, you do not need to complete another scholarship application. Contact our office to verify that your scholarship application is on file.

If you have not completed a scholarship application at any time, or if you answered "No" to the question about receiving scholarships on your admissions application and now wish to be considered for scholarships, contact our office for further directions.

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