Spring Enrollment at Teachers College, Columbia University

Prepare to Lead

Prepare to Spring Forward

This January, you can start your studies at the nation’s first and largest graduate school of education. TC graduates flourish in professions and fields as far flung as the arts, psychology, educational technology, international and transcultural education, leadership, and policy. Start your spring application today and prepare to join a legacy.


Ready. Set. Apply Now.

At Teachers College, Columbia University we know go-getters don’t want to wait before reaching for that next major life goal. That’s one reason most of our 100+ programs offer a spring enrollment option, with a handful starting exclusively at that time.

Maybe you’re an international student who needs more time to gather the documentation to attend graduate school in the states. Or, maybe you live stateside and didn’t decide on which path of study to pursue until now. Whatever the reason, if you missed our fall application deadline, there is no reason to wait a full year to become a part of the TC student body of future leaders and changemakers.



Balance Work, Life, and School

September brings all kinds of challenges for parents, teachers, school administrators—and all types of professionals. If you are like 70% of Columbia Teachers College students who attend graduate school part-time while balancing other responsibilities, starting in mid-January means fewer worries about life and work and a stronger start for you.

Access Unclaimed Funding

Believe it or not, every year, scholarship money—especially from private sources—is left on the table without anyone to claim it. Starting your graduate education in January means that you may be able to tap into those funding sources without as much competition as in the fall.

Scholarships Are Available

Teachers College recognizes students who need or choose to start in the spring have the same financial responsibilities and concerns as those who begin their studies in the fall. That's why our most promising spring applicants may be eligible for scholarships designed to make the transition into the TC program of your choice less cost prohibitive and that much smoother.

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