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With approximately 90,000 alumni worldwide, it is our goal to reconnect Teachers College to each and every one of its alumni.
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Alumni Awards Archive

Past Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

The 2013 Distinguished Alumni Awardees

Jody Gottfried Arnhold (MA ’73) has been a visionary dance educator and influential advocate for dance for more than 40 years. She has been instrumental in promoting effective governance and program  development for a wide range of dance and education institutions. Jody founded the Dance Education Laboratory(DEL) at the 92nd Street Y in New York, which was recently recognized as Best Program by the National Dance Education Organization. Jody taught in NYC public schools for 5 years, providing her with the practical experience that has guided her dance education efforts. She was instrumental in developing the most robust citywide guide to dance curricula for public schools. She serves as Co-Chair for the creation of the NYC Department of Education Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance Grades PreK-12. She also serves on the Advisory Council for Arts Education for the NYC DOE, is Chair of the Hunter College Dance Advisory Committee, Vice Chair of the Board of the Center for Arts Education and Chairman of the Dance Center Task Force at the 92Y, where she serves on the Board. For 26 years, Jody served on the Board of Ballet Hispanico and held the position of Chair of the Board from 1995 to 2011.

Erika Himmel (MA ’59) has contributed to the development of standardized assessment procedures that have been a key feature in the operation of the educational system in Chile for close to half a century, including the University Admission Test (PAA) and the Education  Quality Measurement System (SIMCE). She has also pursued an extensive career in research and teaching and has participated decisively in advancing the capabilities of Chile in social and educational research and evaluation at Universidad de Chile. She has taught social scientists and teachers for more than 25 years, while  also serving as Vice President of Academic Affairs at la Universidad Católica de Chile, here she was named Professor Emeritus in 2010. She has designed and implemented dozens of research projects that set the standard for studies on factors affecting school and university performance, preschool learning, quality of secondary school education,and the effect of educational improvement programs implemented under public policies. In 2011 she was awarded the Premio Nacional en Ciencias de la Educación by the Chilean government.

Chong Yang Kim (EdD ’83) is a prominent education leader in Korea who began teaching at Hanyang University in 1982 before eventually serving as the university’s President for 18 years. He is now the chairman of the board of trustees of the Hanyang University Foundation, located in Seoul, which in addition to the university itself, includes a kindergarten, an elementary school, middle and high schools, a women’s college, a cyber-university, two hospitals and several profitable organizations.

Susan Jay Spungin (EdD ’75) is known nationally and internationally as an expert in the education and rehabilitation of individuals who are visually impaired. She has had extensive consultative experience, has been invited to speak to national and international audiences, has published widely and has coordinated many  workshops and meetings. She retired from her employment with the American Foundation for the Blind in 2009 after 36 years of service,coordinating and serving as Vice President of AFB’s International Programs and Special Projects. Presently she is President of Blind Biz Inc. a consulting firm that serves blind or visually impaired individuals of all ages, as well as organizations and universities that work in direct service and training.

Bobby Susser (MA ’87) earned his master’s in Communication Arts and Sciences in Early Childhood Education at Teachers College. He has written and produced original,easy-to-learn, award-winning children’s songs since 1972, as well as internationally acclaimed popular songs for all ages. Bobby works with several types of singers and musicians depending upon the song, style,and subject matter. He has sold over 5 million CDs, produced 25 albums,and entertained and taught lessons to scores of children through his songs. Along the way, he has received dozens of awards from respected children’s, parenting and educational organizations. A very special project in his career was recording and contributing an official theme song to the world-renowned St. Jude Children’s Hospital. His latest album, for children of all ages, is titled WO! Upon its release, one review stated, “Bobby Susser has raised the bar in children’s music,higher than we could have imagined.”

The 2013 Early Career Award Recipient

Sarah Bolson Barnett (MA ’08) joined The New York Botanical Garden in 2008 as the Manager of Foundation Relations. She was promoted to Associate Vice President for Foundation Relations in 2011,  reporting directly to the President and CEO. Sarah is responsible for raising more than $4 million each year in private foundation and government support.Before joining the Garden, Sarah held several positions in the arts and cultural field, including for Martin Vinik Planning for the Arts LLC, The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NYC Office of Parks and Recreation and Playwrights Horizons. While at Teachers College, Sarah worked for the Research Center for Arts and Culture both as a Research Assistant and as the Columbia Culture Map Coordinator, and was the Special English Coordinator of the International Symposium on Georgian Art. Sarah graduated Magne Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University.

Sreyashi Jhumki Basu (PhD ’06) received a BA in Human Biology at Stanford University. Her undergraduate thesis brought her to Russia, where she interviewed homeless children and presented her outreach findings to UNICEF for implementation. For this work, she received the Deans Award for Best Dissertation in the School of Arts and Sciences. While at TC, from which she received her PhD in Science Education in 2006, Jhumki developed an after-school program for a South Bronx school and co-founded a public school in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn. Upon graduating she worked at NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, where she was awarded a research fellowship from the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation. She was promoted to associate professor and made tenure by 2008. Jhumki passed away in 2008, at the age 31, following a seven-year battle with breast cancer. The Jhumki Basu Foundation has since been created in her honor.

The 2013 President’s Medal of Excellence

Ellen Condliffe Lagemann (PhD '78) is the Levy Institute Research Professor at Bard College, a Senior Scholar at the Levy Institute, and a Distinguished Fellow at the Bard Prison Initiative.  She previously served as Charles Warren Professor of the History of American Education at Harvard University, where she was also Dean of the Graduate School of Education, and as president of the Spencer Foundation, in Chicago, Illinois. In addition, Lagemann has been a professor of history and education at New York University, where she was founding chair of the Department of the Humanities and the Social Sciences and director of the Center for the Study of American Culture and Education in the School of Education. Before that she served on the faculty at Teachers College, Columbia University, where she was also Director of the Institute of Philosophy and Politics of Education and Editor of the Teachers College Record and a member of the faculty of the Columbia University (Faculty of Arts & Sciences) History Department. Lagemann is the author or editor of many books, articles, reviews, and book chapters. Her principal publications include: An Elusive Science: The Troubling History of Education Research (2000); Philanthropic Foundations: New Scholarship, New Possibilities (1998); The Politics of Knowledge: The Carnegie Corporation, Philanthropy, and Public Policy (1992); Jane Addams on Education (1985) and A Generation of Women: Education in the Lives of Progressive Reformers (1979). Her most recent book (edited with Harry Lewis) is What is College For? The Public Purpose of Higher Education (2011). She is currently working on a book, tentatively entitled “America Imprisoned: Mass Incarceration and What We Can Do About It.”

Lagemann has been president of the National Academy of Education and of the History of Education Society. She served as co-chair of the National Research Council’s Committee on Teacher Preparation, whose report, Preparing Teachers: Building Evidence for Sound Policy, was published in 2010, and was a member of the Teaching Commission, chaired by Louis Gerstner. She has been a trustee of the Russell Sage, Greenwall, and Markle Foundations; vice-chair of the board of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral and Social Sciences in Stanford, California; and chair of the Social Science Committee on Philanthropy and the Non-Profit Sector. She also served on the boards of the Rennie Center for Education Research and Policy, of the District Management Council, both in Cambridge, MA., and of both Concord Academy, Concord, MA (where she was chair of the board), and Riverdale Country School, Bronx, NY.

Lagemann is a former high-school social studies teacher. She received her A.B. (cum laude) from Smith College in 1967, her MA from Teachers College, Columbia University, and her Ph.D. in History and Education (with distinction) from Columbia University in 1978.

The 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Kevin Jennings ’94
Jennings was the Assistant Deputy Secretary on the Obama Administration for the office of Safe & Drug-free Schools. He is the CEO and president of“Be the Change” (a non-profit) and established the nation’s first Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA). 

Lucille Joel ’70
Joel is an expert in the field of nursing. She has written and presented on nursing and health issues on the local, national and international level and is a tenured professor at Rutgers University, where she has taught for over 20 years. 

John King
King is the New York Commissioner of Education and President of the University of the State of New York. He serves on U.S. Department of Education’s Equity and Excellence Commission. 

Harold J. Noah '64
Noahis an internationally recognized authority in Comparative Education. He is Gardner Cowles Professor Emeritus in Economics and Education, and former Dean of Teachers College. He has given his name to the Harold J.Noah Alumni Award in International and Comparative Education for alumni within the program. 

Robert Schaffer '52 
Schaffer founded Schaffer Consulting and has authored books such as The Breakthrough Strategy; Rapid Results; High-Impact Consulting. Since the1960s, thousands of individuals have trained under Schaffer in his“High-Impact Consulting Workshop” - the longest running professional workshop for staff consultants).

The 2012 Early Career Award Recipient

Betty Perez-Rivera '03
Perez-Rivera is the Director of the East Harlem Asthma Center of Excellence Walk-In Center and spearheaded, wrote, and presented the Family Asthma Guide, now used nationwide.

The 2012 President's Award of High Distinction

Pola Rosen '80
Rosenis a graduate of Barnard College and completed her doctoral work in special education at Teachers College, Columbia University. She served as a teacher, supervisor and professor of special education at CUNY. For the past 15 years, she has been the publisher of Education Update, a newspaper with over 100,000 readers that receives over 2 million hits on its website ( monthly. She has won numerous awards for her work and serves on the boards of Landmark College in Vermont and the Kennedy Child Study Center in NYC as well as on the Education Dean’s Advisory Council at Mercy College in Westchester County.

The 2012 TC Medal of Distinguished Service

Jeffrey Sachs
Sachs is the director of The Earth Institute, Quetelet Professor of Sustainable Development, and professor of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University. He is also a special advisor to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. For more than 20 years Professor Sachs has been in the forefront of the challenges of economic development, poverty alleviation, and enlightened globalization, promoting policies to help all parts of the world to benefit from expanding economic opportunities and well-being. He is considered to be the leading international economic adviser of his generation. He is author of hundreds of scholarly articles and many books, including the New York Times bestsellers The Price of Civilization.

The 2011 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Samuel P. Peabody ’59
Peabody founded Reality House, a drug rehabilitation center in northern Manhattan before becoming the director of Broad Jump, a nonprofit for at-risk students. While there, he helped found Prep for Prep, a program that places promising students of color in independent schools throughout the Northeast and helps support them through to college. He also served as chair of the Citizen’s Committee for Children before retiring.

Violeta Petroska-Beshka ’83
Petroska-Beshka is a professor of psychology at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. She is a co-founder and co-director of the Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, a training and research center dedicated to promoting human rights and advancing diversity education and conflict resolution in multicultural settings. She works closely with UNICEF and USAID funded organizations as a leading player in efforts to reform the education system throughout the country.

Diane Ravitch ’75
Ravitch is Research Professor of Education at New York University and a historian of education. In addition, she is a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. She shares a blog called Bridging Differences with Deborah Meier, hosted by Education Week and also blogs for and the Huffington Post. Her articles have appeared in many newspapers and magazines. She is the author of 10 books.

Ruth Christ Sullivan ’53
Sullivan, an advocate for autism for over 40 years, is the founder and executive director of the Autism Services Center in Huntington, WV. She was the first president of the National Society for Autistic Children, now Autism Society of America and founded several local and state chapters. She was the first autism lobbyist in US Congress and two states. Sullivan is an expert witness for court proceedings, a public speaker and a consultant, most notably for the movie “Rain Man.”

Samuel Totten ’85
Since 1987, Totten has taught at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, where he co-developed the Middle Level Master of Arts Program (MAT) and founded the Northwest Arkansas Writing Project (NWAWP). Totten’s passion in life and the primary focus of his research is the prevention and intervention of genocide and is the co-founding editor of Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal (University of Toronto Press).

The 2011 Early Career Award Recipient

Paul O’Neill ’01
O’Neill is an education attorney, author and professor who focuses on guiding education organizations through challenges and growth. O’Neill has held lead attorney positions in government, boutique education law firms, a non-profit organization, and the private sector. He is currently President of Tugboat Education Services, which advises education reform organizations on regulatory and strategic matters, and a Principal in the boutique education law practice group of Cohen Schneider LLP.

The 2011 President's Medal of Excellence Recipients

Ian K. Smith ’93
Smith is currently a medical contributor to ABC’s nationally syndicated, “The View”, a medical columnist for Men’s Health magazine, and the medical/diet expert on VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club.” Smith is also the host of the nationally syndicated radio show Healthwise on American Urban Radio Networks. Smith created the "50 Million Pound Challenge” and the “Makeover Mile” and has published multiple books including the Fat Smash Diet and Happy. Smith has been appointment by President Obama to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.

The 2011 President's Award of High Distinction

Janna Spark '79
Sparks studied interdisciplinary psychology courses in the Special Education doctoral program. Besides testing, diagnosing and treatment, Spark has developed a unique multi-sensory program, Brain Train, published by Simon & Schuster, which utilizes music to help processing information and develop competence in tasks requiring an integration of skills. Sparks has also published Goose and Hug ’O War and is also an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

The 2010 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

The Reverend Lesley George Anderson, Ed.D. 1987, International Education Development, President, of the United Theological Seminary of the West Indies

Raphael M. Ortiz, Ed.D. 1982, Analysis of Art Teaching, Founder of Museo Del Barrio

Viola Vaughn, Ed.D 1984, Health Education,  Founder of 10,000 Girls in Senegal, West Africa

Vivian Ota Wang, Ph.D 1995, Counseling Psychology, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Agency Representative of the National Science and Technology Council

The 2010 Early Career Award Recipient

Luis Rios, Jr., M.Phil 2001, Teaching of Spanish, Education Consultant, California Department of Education

The 2010 President's Medal of Excellence Recipients

Nahas Angula, Prime Minister of Namibia, M. Ed. 1979; MA 1978 Curriculum & Teaching
Ulysses Byas, MA 1952, Educational Administration

The 2008-2009 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Edward Dunkelblau, M. Ed. 1976, Vocational & Rehabilitation Counseling

Joan Dye Gussow, Ed.D. 1975, M.Ed. 1974, Nutrition Education
Patricia Lynne Duffy, M.A., TESOL, 1981
Rawley Applebaum Silver, M.A. Ed. - Fine Arts, 1936

The 2008 - 2009 Early Career Award Recipient

Keiichi Ogawa,  Ph.D. 1999, M. Phil 1997, M.A. 1997, Ed. M. 1995, Comparative International Ed. / Econ of Ed

The 2007 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Susan H. Fuhrman, Ph.D. 1977, Political Science and Education
Anie Kalayjian, Ed.D. 1986, Nursing Education
Leah Cahan Schaefe, Ed.D. 1964, Family and Community Education

The 2007 Early Career Award Recipients

Michael Lowry, M.A. 2005, Educational Administration

Sharon K. Ryan, Ed.D. 1998, Early Childhood Education 

The 2006 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Joyce B. Cowin, M.A. 1952, Curriculum and Teaching

Rachel Moore, M.A. 1994, Arts Administration

Dorothy Singer, Ed.D. 1966, Clinical Psychology

Barbara Storper, M.S. 1982, Nutrition Education

The 2006 Early Career Award Recipients

Erick Gordon, M.A. 1996, Ed.M. 2005, Teaching of English

The 2005 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

John Fanselow, Ph.D. 1971, Language, Literature & Social Studies

Robert Hilliard,  
Ph.D. 1959, Communication & Theatre Arts

Kathleen Dunlevy Morin, 
M.A. 1977, Ed.M. 1978, Ed.D. 1985, Urban Education

Thomas S. Popkewitz, M.A. 1964, Curriculum and Teaching

The 2005 Early Career Award Recipients

Michael Bitz, Ed.M. 1996, Ed.D. 1998, Music and Music Education

Adeyinka Akinsulure-Smith, M.A. 1991, Ed.M. 1992, MPHIL 1995, Ph.D. 1997, Counseling Psychology

Hawthorne Smith, MPHIL 1996, Ph.D. 1999, Counseling Psychology

The 2004 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Betty Reardon, Ed.D. 1985, International Education Development.

Lan Tran Gien
, Ed.M. Nursing Education.

Martin Haberman
, M.A. 1957, Ed.D. 1962, Curriculum & Teaching.

Rita Gold
*, M.A. 1962, English Education.

Ruth Gottesman
, M.A. 1958, Remedial Reading. Ed.D. 1968, Human Cognition & Learning.

The 2004 Early Career Award Recipients

Sheila Amato, M.A. 1975, Health Education. Ed.M. 1996, Instructional Practices in Special Education.  Ed.D. 2000, Blind and Visual Impairment.

The 2003 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Jill Wilkinson Sheffield, M.A. 1963, Comparative & International Education.

Betty J. Sternberg
, M.A. 1972, Mathematics Education.

The 2003 Early Career Award Recipients

Frances McCue, Ed.D. 2001, English Education.

The 2002 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Lois Bloom, Ph.D. 1968, Psychology.

Mort Lindsey
, M.A. 1948, Ed.M. 1974, Music and Music Education.

Ellen Condliffe Lagemann
, MA 1968 PhD 1978 Philosophy.

The 2002 Early Career Award Recipients

Ian K. Smith, M.A. 1993, Science Education.

The 2001 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Edmund W. Gordon, Ed.D. 1957, Child Development and Guidance.

Betty Louise Sullivan
, M.E. 1984, Ed.D. 1992, Language, Literature and Social Studies.

Darlene Yee-Melichar
, M.S. 1984, Ed.D. 1985, Health Education.

The 2000 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Joseph L. Dionne, Ed.D. 1965, Curriculum and Teaching.

Barbara Loomis Jackson, M.A. 1967, Sociology of Education.

Margaret Mary Fitzpatrick
, M.Ed. 1982, Ed.D. 1986, Higher Education.

The 1999 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Edith B. Everett, M.A. 1950, Student Personnel Administration.

Bonnie Jean Leadbeater
, Ph.D. 1986, Developmental Psychology.

Robert A. Lefranc
, M.A. 1947, Curriculum and Teaching.

Margaret L. McClure
, M.A. 1962, Ed.D. 1972, Nursing Service Administration.

The 1999 Early Career Award Recipients

Alice A. Wilder, Ed.D. 1998, Educational Psychology.

Angela C. Santomero, M.A. 1995, Developmental Psychology.

The 1998 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Jerome T. Murphy, M.A. 1962, Mathematics and Science Education.

Bert Konowitz, Ed.D. 1969, Music and Music Education.

Frances O'Connell Rust, Ed.D. 1984, Curriculum and Teaching.

The 1998 Early Career Award Recipients

Norman Atkins, M.A. 1997, Educational Administration.

Grace E. Shen, Ed.D. 1988, Arts in Education.

The 1997 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Amelia Augustus, Ed.D. 1970, Comparative and International Education.

Elizabeth Gotbaum, M.A. 1967, Philosophy and the Social Sciences.

Joseph Hankin, Ed.D. 1967, Higher and Adult Education.

Robert Piemonte, Ed.D. 1976, Nursing Education.

The 1996 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Donaldson T.L.O. Byrd, Ed.D. 1983, Music and Music Education.

Sharon Lynn Kagan
, Ed.D. 1979, Curriculum and Teaching.

Homer Kempfer* 
, Ed.D. 1941, Educational Administration.

The 1995 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Michael A. Carrera, Ed.D. 1970, Health Education.

Selma Weintraub Greenberg* , Ed.D. 1966, Curriculum and Teaching.

Shirley M. Stinson, Ed.D. 1969, Nursing Education.

Irene Trowell-Harris, Ed.D. 1983, Health Education.

The 1994 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Joanna Chan, Ed.D. 1977, Languages, Literature and Social Studies.

E. Gordon Gee
, Ed.D. 1972, Higher and Adult Education.

Yvonne B. Miller
, M.A. 1963, Curriculum and Teaching.

Morton Schindel
, M.A. 1947, Curriculum and Teaching.

The 1993 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Dorothy J. del Bueno, B.S. 1966, Ed.D. 1976, Nursing Education.

Herbert M. Kliebard
, Professional Diploma 1958, Ed.D. 1963, Curriculum and Teaching.

M. Powell Lawton*
, Ph.D. 1952, Psychology.

Richard P. Mills
, Ed.D. 1977, Education Administration.

The 1992 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Margaret Tayler Anderson* , M.A. 1967, Professional Diploma 1970, Guidance.

Arthur H. Cunningham* 
, M.A. 1957, Music and Music Education.

Barbara F. Goodman
*, M.A. 1954, Early Childhood Education.

John F. Kullberg*
, Ed.D. 1976, Higher and Adult Education.

Huan Lee
, M.A. 1956, Educational Administration.

Ruth Watson Lubic
, B.S. 1959, M.A. 1961, Nursing Education; Ed.D. 1979, Philosophy and the Social Sciences (Anthropology and Education).

June Machover Reinisch
, M.A. 1970; Ph.D. 1976, Clinical Psychology

The 1991 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Gene Raymond Carter, Sr., Ed.D. 1973, Curriculum and Teaching.

Elizabeth Kitson, M.A. 1969, Guidance.

Eleanor C. Lambertsen* , B.S. 1949, M.A. 1950, Ed.D. 1957, Nursing Education.

Orrea Florence Pye* , Ph.D. 1943, Nutrition Education.

Ruth Westheimer, Ed.D. 1970, Home and Family Life.

The 1990 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

William Patrick Foster*, Ed.D. 1955, Music and Music Education.

Erline Perkins McGriff*, Ed.D. 1967, Nursing Education.

Joseph Shenker*, Ed.D. 1969, Higher Education.

Leon Howard Sullivan*, M.A. 1947, Religious Education.

The 1989 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Kenneth D. Benne* , Ph.D. 1944, Philosophy and the Social Sciences.

Louis Forsdale*, M.A. 1947, Audio-Visual Education;
Ed.D. 1951, Teaching of English.

The 1988 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Catherine Brice Bozeman* , B.S., M.A., Professional Diploma 1949,
Curriculum and Teaching.

Albert Ellis*, M.A. 1943, Ph.D. 1947, Clinical Psychology,
Curriculum and Teaching.

Herman A. Estrin* , M.A. 1942, Curriculum and Teaching;
Professional Diploma 1950, and Ed.D. 1954, Guidance.

Walter E. Sindlinger* , M.A. 1939, Teaching of English;
Ed.D. 1956, Higher Education.

The 1987 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Paul G. Bulger*, Ed.D. 1951, Educational Administration.

Paul R. Hanna* , M.A. 1925, Ph.D., 1929, Curriculum and Teaching.

Carroll F. Johnson, M.A. 1947, Ed.D. 1950, Educational Administration.

Mildred L. Montag*, M.A. 1938, Ed.D. 1950, Nursing Education.

The 1986 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

E. Alma Flagg, Ed.D. 1955, Guidance.

Thomas H. Kean, M.A. 1963, Social Studies.

The 1985 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Joseph M. Chamberlain, M.A. 1950, Ed.D. 1962, Educational Administration.

Shirley S. Chisholm, M.A. 1951, Professional Diploma 1961, Curriculum and Teaching.

Lois B. Murphy*, Ph.D. 1937, Psychology.

Donald E. Super* , Ph.D. 1940, Psychology.

The 1984 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Louis T. Benezet*, Ph.D. 1929, Educational Administration.

Esther M. Lloyd-Jones* , B.S. 1944, Guidance and
Student Personnel Administration.

The 1983 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Elbert K. Fretwell, Ph.D. 1953, Educational Administration.

Nathaniel Gibbon, Jr.* , M.A. 1939, Business Education.

The 1982 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Ruth L. Farkas* , M.A. 1932, Languages and Literature.

Eda LeShan*, B.S. 1944, Curriculum and Teaching.

David Randolph*, M.A. 1942, Music Education.

The 1981 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Robert Earl Kinsinger, Ed.D. 1958, Guidance.

Esther E. Peterson*, M.A. 1930, Physical Education.

Luns C. Richardson, M.A. 1958, Educational Administration.

The 1980 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Millie C. Almy*, M.A. 1945, Ph.D. 1948, Curriculum and Teaching.

May Edward Chinn, B.S. 1921, Science Education.

Anna Mae McCabe Hays, B.S. 1958, Nursing Education.

The 1979 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Roma Gans*, B.S. 1926, Ph.D. 1940, Curriculum and Teaching.

David Hyatt*, M.A. 1948, Ed.D. 1959, Languages and Literature.

Martha E. Rogers*, M.A. 1949, Nursing Education.

Vivian H. T. Tom, M.A. 1961, Social Studies.

The 1978 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Todd Duncan*, student 1930, Languages, Literature, Speech, and Theater.

Mildred Dunnock*, M.A. 1933, Languages, Literature, Speech, and Theater.

Harold Miller, M.A. 1948, Social Studies.

The 1977 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Thelma Adair, M.A. 1945, Ed.D. 1959, Curriculum and Teaching.

The 1975 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Charles Henry Alston*, M.A. 1931, Art and Art Education.

Alice Manheim Kaplan*, student 1925, Art and Art Education.

Rollo May*, Ph.D. 1949, Psychology.

William H. Schuman*, B.S. 1935, M.A. 1937, Music and Music Education.

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